8 Rarest Ferrari Cars Ever

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When it comes to cars, one of the most famous and iconic brands is Ferrari. Almost everyone knows this name as it symbolizes sophistication, luxury, and speed. Since the first Ferrari car hit the road in 1947, Ferrari cars have become a status symbol of the rich and famous. So, it’s no wonder these cars are expensive and difficult to obtain.

Ferrari doesn’t manufacture many cars since they focus on producing high-quality products. Each year, Ferrari only produces thousands or even just hundreds of vehicles. For some truly exceptional models, Ferrari might even produce a few of them. 

So, today, we want to know, “What is the rarest Ferarri car?” That’s exactly what you’ll learn. In this post, check out our list of the 8 rarest Ferarri cars in the world!

8. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

Rarity: Somewhat rare
Production year: 1957 to 1963
Production volume: 106 cars produced
Designer: Carrozzeria Pinin Farina
Body style: 2-door Roadster

Ferrari 250 GT SWB California SpiderImage source: Wikipedia.org

The Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider is an iconic convertible sports car produced by Ferrari between 1957 and 1960. They designed the car as an open-top variant of their 250 GT Berlinetta Tour de France model.

The Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder boasted a majestic design, boasting smooth lines, a long hood, and a graceful rear end. Inevitably, the car became a status symbol of Californian elegance and luxury. SWB stands for short wheelbase (SWB). It has another variant: the long wheelbase (LWB) version. This version comes with more interior space.

Under its hood, the California Spyder was powered by a robust 3.0-liter V12 engine, delivering excellent performance and an exhilarating driving experience. Mated to a manual transmission, drivers could fully engage with its capabilities.

The California Spyder rose to greater fame after appearing in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

7. Ferrari 250 GTO

Rarity: Somewhat rare
Production year: 1962 and 1964
Production volume: 36 cars produced
Designer: Giotto Bizzarrini, Scaglietti Pinin
Body style: 2-door Berlinetta

Ferrari 250 GTOImage source: Wikipedia.org

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most legendary and desirable sports cars ever manufactured, produced between 1962 and 1964 by Ferrari, with only 36 units ever being manufactured.

The 250 GTO was developed as a homologation special to compete in GT racing, featuring an aerodynamic body designed by Bizzarrini and Scaglietti, combining form with great functionality. Underneath its sleek body was an impressive 3.0-liter V12 engine that produced around 300 horsepower allowing it to deliver impressive performances on race tracks worldwide.

The Ferrari 250 GTO proved itself fast and successful on race tracks. It won numerous victories and championships – such as FIA World GT Championship titles in 1962-1964 – establishing itself as a motorsport icon while increasing desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.

Did you know?

The Ferrari 250 GTO was the pinnacle in performance development for the 250 GT Series while still being a road vehicle. The 250 GTO debuted in the pre-season press conference of Ferrari, held annually, in January 1962. It was the only model with a front engine, while sports racing and other models all had a mid-engine.

6. Ferrari 250 LM

Rarity: Somewhat rare
Production year: 1964 and 1966
Production volume: 32 cars produced
Designer: Giotto Bizzarrini, Scaglietti Pinin
Body style: 2-door Berlinetta

Ferrari 250 LMImage source: Super Cars

The Ferrari 250 LM is an iconic sports car produced by Ferrari during the 1960s. This vehicle was designed to compete in endurance racing events like Le Mans 24 Hours.

The Ferrari 250 LM successfully won the race it was named after, which was the Le Mans in 1965 24 Hours race. The 250 LM featured a mid-mounted V12 engine, lightweight body design, and advanced engineering for optimal performance on the track.

The exclusivity of the Ferrari 250 LM is truly one of a kind, with only 32 units ever manufactured. Because of its rarity, it has a high demand among collectors, leading to its significant appreciation in value over time.

Did you know?

With the successful run of the Ferrari 250 LM in 1965, Ferrari rallied to give the car GT status to participate in GT races. However, Ferrari failed in this endeavor. Thankfully, they still won the title crown with their 250 GTO car.

5. Ferrari FXX

Rarity: Somewhat rare
Production year: 2005–2007
Production volume: 30 cars produced
Designer: Frank Stephenson
Body style: 2-door Berlinetta

Ferrari FXXImage source: Ferrari

The Ferrari FXX is an exclusive track-only high-performance car manufactured by Ferrari. The car series is part of the “XX Program,” which offered limited-edition vehicles designed specifically for racing purposes to select customers. This provided car enthusiasts with an opportunity to own one and drive one themselves.

The Ferrari FXX supercar was based on the Enzo Ferrari supercar collection. However, the manufacturer added numerous enhancements designed to optimize its performance on the track. Powered by a 6.3-liter V12 engine producing approximately 800 horsepower, its specifications included advanced aerodynamics, sequential transmission technology, and cutting-edge technologies from Formula One racing.

Production of the FXX was limited; only 30 were manufactured between 2005 and 2007. Each vehicle was individually customized to its owner’s preferences, creating one-of-a-kind collectible items. Ferrari held onto ownership of these cars while providing maintenance support services at its factory storage facilities.

Did you know?

The Ferrari FXX was not street-legal and could only be driven at special track events organized by Ferrari. Owners became part of an exclusive community, enjoying access to Ferrari’s testing facilities and professional driving instruction. Furthermore, engineers collaborated closely with these owners, collecting valuable feedback to optimize their performance further.

4. Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Rarity: Extremely rare
Production year: 1986
Production volume: 6 cars produced
Designer: Giuliano Michelotto
Body style: 2-door Berlinetta

Ferrari 288 GTO EvoluzioneImage source: Ferrari

The ultra-rare Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione is a highly sought-after variant built as a prototype for Group B rally racing back in the 1980s.

Ferrari only produced six Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione units, each representing an extremely rare find for collectors. The car comes with an eye-catching red exterior and aerodynamic upgrades. Aside from that, the manufacturer added a powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine capable of providing exhilarating performance.

Did you know?

Ferrari built the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione for the Group B set for the grand touring (GT) vehicles introduced by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). However, FIA canceled the Group B series, so the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione production also stopped.

3. Ferrari 330 P4

Rarity: Extremely rare
Production year: 1967
Production volume: 4 cars produced
Designer: Franco Rocchi
Body style: P4 Berlinetta body

Ferrari 330 P4Image source: Ferrari

Ferrari first introduced the legendary Ferrari 330 P4 as an upgrade to 1967’s 330 P3 to dominate endurance racing events.

The Ferrari 330 P4 featured an incredible V12 engine capable of generating up to 450 horsepower with a three-valve cylinder head design reminiscent of Formula One.

Visually, the Ferrari 330 P4 exudes timeless beauty and aerodynamic elegance. The car showcases a sleek and curvaceous body highlighting its purposeful design and attention to detail. Furthermore, this car’s aggressive yet balanced stance optimizes performance and aerodynamics for ultimate efficiency.

Notably, the Ferrari 330 P4 won its class at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona race to demonstrate its capabilities on an extremely demanding track. Furthermore, the Ferrari 330 P4 established itself as an icon in motorsport history by outwitting fierce competition and leaving an indelible mark in car racing history.

Did you know?

Ferrari built four Ferrari 330 P4 units, and each of these cars took different paths after their original purpose had been fulfilled. For example, one car was scrapped due to its accident history. Three cars were converted into a Spyder, but two were later converted into a 350 Can-Am car three.

2. Ferrari F50 GT1

Rarity: Extremely rare
Production year: 1996
Production volume: 3 cars produced
Designer: Pininfarina
Body style: 2-door Coupé

Ferrari F50 GT1Image source: Wikipedia.org

The Ferrari F50 GT is an ultra-rare, high-performance variant of its legendary supercar predecessor. Created specifically to compete in FIA GT Championship racing series events, the F50 GT is among today’s rarest and highest-performing versions.

The F50 GT was powered by a naturally aspirated 4.7-liter V12 engine producing around 750 horsepower. It featured several upgrades over its standard counterpart, such as aerodynamic modifications, more aggressive body kit components made of lightweight carbon fiber, and stripped-down interior space.

Furthermore, advanced racing technologies like six-speed sequential transmission and sophisticated suspension systems were included in its construction.

Today, the Ferrari F50 GT is invaluable in automotive history, an embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and racing prowess. With limited production numbers and stunning design features – this unique collector’s item embodies Ferrari’s commitment to automotive excellence and is a lasting monument of its dedication.

Did you know?

Ferrari produced only three F50 GT models, making them extremely rare and desirable among collectors and enthusiasts. Ferrari built the Ferrari F50 GT1 for the sole purpose of having it compete in the FIA GT Championship race series. However, due to changes in racing regulations, the Ferrari F50 GT1 never competed in the said race.

1. Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale

Rarity: Extremely rare
Production year: 1966
Production volume: 2 cars produced
Designer: Pininfarina
Body style: 2-door 3-seat Berlinetta

Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta SpecialeImage source: Wikipedia.org

The Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale is the rarest Ferrari car ever, with just one unit produced in 1966. Designed by Pininfarina, the car features a striking and aerodynamic exterior with sleek lines and an elongated front grille displaying the iconic Ferrari emblem.

Inside, the cabin offers a luxurious and comfortable experience, with plush leather seats and a well-designed dashboard housing various gauges and controls. The Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale is powered by a high-performance engine that delivers thrilling acceleration and an exhilarating driving experience.

Notable for its exclusivity, the Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale is a prized collector’s item, with only two units ever produced. The car’s rarity and unique design make it highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. The vehicle represents the dedication and commitment of Ferrari to create exceptional and extraordinary automobiles that blend power, elegance, and exclusivity.

Did you know?

The Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale, despite the car bearing the Ferrari name, wasn’t conceived or designed by Enzo Ferrari. Instead, the designer was Pininfarina in cooperation with Luigi Chinetti Jr.


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