8 Most Expensive Pig Breeds in the World

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Pigs are often viewed as lowly farm animals, but some breeds are quite prized for their rarity, unique appearances and personalities, and high-quality pork. Demand for specialty pig breeds continues to rise among small hog farmers and niche meat consumers.

In this article, we will explore the eight most expensive pig breeds in the world, discussing why they cost so much more than common production pigs. We’ll look at their origins, physical characteristics, meat quality, and other traits that enable them to fetch premium prices at the market.

8. Duroc

Price: $200 to $400
Weight: 882 lbs.
Life Span: 15+ years
Origin: United States

DurocImage source: British Pig Association

Originating in the United States, the Duroc is one of the most widespread pig breeds in North America. These hogs are distinguished by their large frames and reddish-brown coats ranging from a light golden hue to a deeper, richer red.

Their partially floppy ears and upturned snouts add to their visual appeal. Beyond good looks, Durocs are prized for their rapid growth, lean and flavorful meat, docility, and hardiness in hot or cold weather. Farmers can expect Durocs to produce large litters of piglets that reach market weight quickly on less feed than other breeds.

With so many economically valuable traits packed into one pig, it’s no wonder that breeding stock commands $200 to $400 per animal and farmers can sell Duroc pork at premium prices. Their versatility and performance continue to make Durocs a mainstay of the American pork industry.

Did You Know?

Their skin shares many of the same healing characteristics as human skin.

7. Tamworth

Price: $200 to $500
Weight: 550 to 820 lbs.
Life Span: 15 to 20 years
Origin: United Kingdom

TamworthImage source: Mother Earth News

Hailing from the United Kingdom, the Tamworth is one of the oldest pig breeds, named after the picturesque market town where it originated. They are a hardy, thrifty breed well-suited to foraging outdoors. Tamworths produce excellent quality meat while needing less input than white pork breeds.

Sows are protective mothers with excellent milking ability to nourish large litters of 6-10 piglets. Despite their smaller size of 550-820 pounds compared to commercial breeds, Tamworths yield exceptionally flavorful and lean bacon and hams.

Did You Know?

Often called the “Other Red Breed,” Tamworth pigs have a distinctive golden red coat and erect ears giving them an alert, regal appearance.

6. American Guinea Hog

Price: Approx. $285
Weight: 150 to 300 lbs.
Life Span: 10 to 15 years
Origin: United States

American Guinea HogImage source: Heritage Pines Farm

A heritage breed with origins tracing back to West Africa, the American guinea hog is a small-framed, sturdy porker well-suited to life on pasture. Typically weighing just 150-300 pounds at maturity, they are prized by small farmers and homesteaders for their self-sufficient foraging abilities.

The Guinea hog’s high-quality meat is treasured for its rich flavor and generous marbling reminiscent of fine pork from the old country. Sows boast good maternal instincts and milk production to nourish an average of four to eight piglets.

But with breeding stock still valued at around $285 per animal, the heritage American Guinea continues to capture interest from niche farmers seeking diversified livestock.

Did You Know?

There is also a type of Guinea hog found in South America.

5. Hampshire

Price: $300 to $600
Weight: 500 to 650 lbs.
Life Span: 12 years
Origin: England

HampshireImage source: Wikipedia

Distinguished by their black coats marked with a striking white belt encircling the forequarters, Hampshire pigs trace their origins to 19th-century England. Their long, drooping ears frame an animated facial expression.

Weighing 500-650 pounds at maturity, Hampshires are regarded as a medium-to-large breed known for efficient feed conversion into tasty, lean meat. Sows make devoted mothers to average litters of eight to twelve piglets.

Their reputation for a docile yet active temperament and hardiness in diverse environments has earned them popularity across small farms, 4H youth programs, niche markets, and commercial operations.

Did You Know?

They do carry a genetic condition called porcine stress syndrome affecting meat quality, but when properly managed, the Hampshire still satisfies pork producers with its strong maternal traits.

4. Hereford

Price: $380 to $425
Weight: 600 to 680 lbs.
Life Span: 10 to 15 years
Origin: United States

HerefordImage source: The Livestock Conservancy

The appropriately named Hereford hog bears a striking resemblance to its bovine namesake. With their black coats complemented by white faces, socks, and belts around the forequarters, Herefords display a unique color pattern.

Their pink snouts and droopy ears complete an eye-catching yet endearing look. These medium-sized pigs typically reach 600-680 pounds at maturity. Originating in the United States, Herefords are docile, hardy pigs appreciated by farmers for strong maternal traits and high pork yield.

Their laid-back temperaments also make them great project animals for youth. With such a visually appealing form and productive function, it’s no wonder breeding stock costs $380-425. Herefords present frugal pork producers a multi-purpose pig breed that’s easy to handle.

Did You Know?

Herefords produce tender, well-marbled chops, and richly flavored bacon.

3. Chester White

Price: $600 to $800
Weight: 300 to 500 lbs.
Life Span: 6 to 8 years
Origin: United States

Chester WhiteImage source: Breeds List

Originating in 19th century America, the all-white Chester White pig is a testament to successful breed development in the United States.

Despite their imposing size ranging from 300-500 pounds at maturity, Chester Whites showcases a remarkably docile, friendly temperament and intelligent nature. Their origins are traced to a composite of old English, French, and Spanish stock selected and improved over generations for desirable pork production qualities.

With a reputation as prolific breeding sows producing sizeable litters of fast-growing piglets, it’s no wonder niche breeders command $600-800 per animal for Chester White gilts and boars.

Did You Know?

The pale body color often leaves sunburn on their skin, and hence they need access to shade in the summer.

2. Yorkshire Pig

Price: $350 to $1500
Weight: 550 to 750 lbs.
Life Span: 13 to 16 years
Origin: Northern England

Yorkshire PigImage source: Northern Nester

Hailing from Northern England, the Yorkshire pig’s journey to global pork primacy started in the 18th century by crossing English and Chinese breeds. This fusion resulted in a solid white pig with erect ears and a reputation for high-quality, well-marbled bacon.

By the 1900s, Yorkshires became premier sires for producing lean yet flavorful pork. Although Yorkshires initially weighed over 600 pounds, selective breeding shaped them into a moderately-sized breed ranging from 550-750 pounds today.

Their shortened snouts, floppy ears, and temperaments endear them to exhibitors. Remarkably adaptable and prolific, Yorkshire sows produce large litters with excellent nursing abilities.

Did You Know?

These pigs have a muscular structure that contributes to producing high-quality lean meat with low back fat content.

1. Meishan Pig

Price: $6000
Weight: 275 to 400 lbs.
Life Span: 15-20 years
Origin: China

Meishan PigImage source: Wikipedia

Commanding prices up to $6,000 per regular size, the rare Meishan pig breed holds the title as the most expensive pig breed in the world. Hailing from ancient Chinese stock, the Meishan pig breed stands apart with its distinct appearance featuring a wrinkly face and extremely floppy ears.

Despite modest sizes weighing just 275-400 pounds, these prolific sows are treasured for their exceptional mothering instincts and milk production sustaining unusually large litters. Meishan pigs possess excellent survival abilities including tolerance of temperature extremes, resistance to diseases, and ability to thrive on modest rations.

Did You Know?

Meishan pigs are known to be relatively inactive, spending much of their time resting and sleeping.


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