Top 10 Most Expensive RVs in the World

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The first RV was Pierce-Arrow’s Touring Landau, a small invention that included a single folding bed, a sink, and a phone connecting the chauffeur and his passengers.

The creation debuted at Madison Square Garden in 1910. People seemed to like the idea of a moving house, so more and more manufactures started making RVs. Eventually, as automobiles became more reliable and accessible, RVs became a popular way to travel and camp.

Although RVs have always been pretty expensive, some modern designs cost millions of dollars. These luxury RVs often have crazy amenities like hot tubs and mini movie theaters along with plenty of living space.

Here are the top 10 most expensive RVs.

  1. The 2021 King Aire
  2. Price: $1.3 million
    Size: Over 44 feet long
    Unique Feature: Optional theater seating
    Tech: Built-in Bose sound system plus a variety of TVs
    The 2021 King Aire
    photo source:

    The 2021 King Aire is a massive, 44-foot long RV with a built-in Bose sound system and a bunch of TVs. The main living space features Italian leather sofas, an entertainment system complete with an 8K Samsung TV, and plenty of room to grab a snack from the kitchen.

    Heading to the master bedroom, buyers get another large Samsung TV as well as a large master bathroom featuring a spacious shower and double sinks.

    Up front, the driver has access to wireless charging pads and a variety of high-tech controls to manage things like the RV’s temperature.

    All told, this massive RV has a price tag of about $1.3 million.

    Did you know?

    The 2021 King Aire comes with a Samsung tablet to control the RV’s lights, tech, shades, and more.

  3. Foretravel Motorcoach ih-4
  4. Price: $1.4 million
    Size: About 45 feet long
    Unique Feature: Heated flooring
    Tech: Customized to the buyer’s needs
    Foretravel Motorcoach ih-4
    photo source:

    This 45-foot long RV features heated flooring and a lot of customizable tech. The main living area is filled with luxury touches like leather seating and natural quartz countertops. The kitchen comes with your pick of African mahogany or walnut cabinetry and the whole RV is flush with gold accents.

    In the master bedroom, buyers have access to a private bathroom featuring a large, walk-in shower, two sinks, and a lot of storage space. Finally, heading outside, this RV offers cargo bays along the entire length of the exterior for all your gear.

    Did you know?

    This RV has a large, 200-gallon fuel tank.

  5. The 2020 Newell Coach p50 1675
  6. Price: $2 million
    Size: About 45 feet long and 600 square feet
    Unique Feature: Keyless entry
    Tech: Built-in radar and camera system
    The 2020 Newell Coach p50 1675
    photo source:
    The 2020 Newell Coach p50 1675
    photo source:

    If you’re looking for luxury, an RV designed by Porsche is probably right up your alley. The 2020 Newell Coach doesn’t shy away from luxury details like massage functions in the driver’s seat and specialty porcelain floors, but the real draw is its customizable design. According to the president of Newell Coach, this RV is “custom-designed and custom-engineered for the customer.”

    All in all, this RV offers 600 square feet of living space and a 45-foot long footprint. Such a big vehicle is probably a challenge to drive, but Newell accounted for that and added an advanced radar and camera system to help manage the vehicle.

    Did you know?

    This RV features a built-in surround sound system and leather seating — perfect for movie night.

  7. The 2017 Prevost from Outlaw Coach
  8. Price: $2.2 million
    Size: Approximately 45 feet long
    Unique Feature: Suede ceilings
    Tech: Custom tech options
    The 2017 Prevost from Outlaw Coach
    photo source:
    The 2017 Prevost from Outlaw Coach
    photo source:

    Luxury is all about the details, and this RV proves it. The 2017 Prevost from Outlaw Coach includes granite flooring throughout and high-end appliances from Viking.

    If you’re looking for entertainment options, the large living room doubles as a luxury movie theater thanks to a big TV and custom leather seats.

    If all that wasn’t enough, the 2017 Prevost doubles down on luxury with suede ceilings and stained glass pocket doors. Buyers also have access to a variety of custom tech options to personalize their experience.

    In the end, this expensive RV comes with a price tag of $2.2 million.

    Did you know?

    Although it’s sometimes called the 2017 Prevost, one dealership calls this luxury RV the Whiskey & Rye.

  9. The 2017 Millennium Prevost
  10. Price: $2.3 million
    Size: 45 feet long with one bedroom and 1.5 baths
    Unique Feature: Custom exterior paint
    Tech: Built-in control tablet
    The 2017 Millennium Prevost
    photo source:
    The 2017 Millennium Prevost
    photo source:

    Some luxury RVs are big and high-tech, but they don’t really look like a mansion on wheels. That’s definitely not the case with the 2017 Millennium Prevost.

    This impressive vehicle includes a variety of luxury touches like stone countertops and recessed lighting throughout, but rich buyers can customize everything — from what appliances are included to the mattress in their master bedroom.

    All that customization means each Millenium looks slightly different, but they’re united by one feature: their price. These ultra-expensive RVs cost $2.3 million.

    Did you know?

    The 2017 Millennium Prevost includes a fold-down TV monitor in the cockpit to keep an eye on the RV’s live camera feeds.

  11. Marchi Mobile‘s eleMMent Palazzo Superior
  12. Price: $2.41 million
    Size: 430 square feet of living space
    Unique Feature: Includes a rooftop patio
    Tech: Built-in mood lighting and sound systems
    Marchi Mobile‘s eleMMent Palazzo Superior
    photo source:
    Marchi Mobile‘s eleMMent Palazzo Superior
    photo source:

    Want an RV but don’t want to feel cramped? This one’s for you.

    The eleMMent Palazzo Superior includes an incredible rooftop lounge that’s perfect for everything from dinner parties to stargazing.

    The whole RV has a very futuristic feel: In the living room, a retractable stairway automatically lowers itself so you can head up to the patio. In the cockpit, unique round windows look more like something in a spaceship than an RV.

    All said, this expensive ride comes in at a cool $2.41 million.

    Did you know?

    If it gets too cold on the rooftop patio, you can head back inside and relax in front of the RV’s built-in fireplace.

  13. The Vantaré Platinum Plus by Featherlite
  14. Price: $2.5 million
    Size: Unknown
    Unique Feature: Includes a master bedroom and office space
    Tech: Built-in disappearing TV behind a mirror
    The Vantaré Platinum Plus by Featherlite
    photo source:
    The Vantaré Platinum Plus by Featherlite
    photo source:

    Sometimes you need a mirror to fix your hair, sometimes you need a TV to watch the game. That’s where this luxury RV from Featherlite comes in.

    The expensive vehicle has a lot of cool features, but the most unique is probably its two-in-one mirror-TV. The fascinating design includes a 13-inch screen that disappears behind a mirror so buyers get plenty of living space without compromising on amenities.

    Did you know?

    This RV is one of the first “landyatchs.” The term landyatch refers to ultra-expensive, luxury RVs that usually cost millions. According to one report, Featherlite was one of the first companies to bring this idea to life when it released the Vantaré Platinum Plus in 2006.

  15. The Furrion Elysium RV
  16. Price: $2.5 million
    Size: 45 feet long and eight feet wide
    Unique Feature: Includes a full-size hot tub
    Tech: Three 75-inch LED TVs
    The Furrion Elysium RV
    photo source:

    The Furrion brand usually just makes appliances for ultra-luxury RVs and yachts, but the company decided to tackle a whole RV with the Elysium. This expensive house on wheels includes a lot of luxury details like 75-inch LED TVs, backlit stairs in the living room, and a wine fridge.

    Those backlit stairs are where things get interesting. Head up to the roof and you’ll find two things: a full-sized hot tub and a helicopter. Yes, a literal helicopter. If you’re sick of the ground, hop in this two-seater and get a bird’s eye view of your campsite.

    Did you know?

    You might not care about much else beyond that helicopter, but rich buyers are treated to mood lighting along this RV’s entrance. It’s the little things.

  17. Will Smith’s Mansion on Wheels
  18. Price: $2.5 million
    Size: 1,200 square feet of living space
    Unique Feature: Two-story design
    Tech: Includes a movie theater with a 100-inch screen
    Will Smith’s Mansion on Wheels
    photo source:

    A lot of celebrities have RVs, but Will Smith’s is one of the most expensive. Plus, with 1,200 square feet of living space, it’s easily the biggest RV on this list.

    The $2.5 million vehicle looks a lot like a semi from the outside, but the inside features things like a retractable vanity, a full-size dining table, and an upstairs conference room. That’s right, upstairs. If all that downstairs space isn’t enough, this impressive RV offers a whole other level.

    Did you know?

    This RV costs a lot, but Will can afford it. He and his wife have a combined net worth of $400 million.

  19. The Marathon Coach
  20. Price: $3 million
    Size: 45 feet long and 102 inches wide
    Unique Feature: Special bed storage system
    Tech: Offers a “theater” mode that drops a massive TV from the ceiling
    The Marathon Coach
    photo source:
    The Marathon Coach
    photo source:

    The Marathon Coach is the most expensive RV.

    Like most luxury RVs, the Marathon Coach offers impressive amenities — including compatibility with smart home devices. That means buyers can use voice control to open and close shades, adjust the temperature, and more.

    Beyond voice control, the Marathon is a lot like other expensive RVs: a large shower, plenty of storage space in the master bedroom, and enough room to enjoy a movie night with friends.

    In the end, this ultra-expensive RV has a price tag of $3 million.

    Did you know?

    This RV has a special bed storage system that allows the user to hide away extra sleeping space during the day.


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