8 Most Expensive and Luxurious Mattresses You Can Buy

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Almost everyone owns a mattress. The average person spends $500 on a mattress, extending to a couple of thousand for the luxury models. However, unlike the world’s most expensive chocolate, an expensive mattress could actually improve your daily life! Better construction means more personalized support, better materials, and a longer-lasting mattress.

That’s why despite costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, all these mattresses are commercially available to anyone. Here are the 8 most expensive mattresses you can buy.

  1. Elysium Organic Mattress
  2. Price: $9,999
    Brand: Halcyon
    Country: United States
    Elysium Organic Mattress
    photo source: The Organic Mattress

    Halcyon made the Elysium Organic Mattress from 500-count organic sateen which is a satin weave made from spinning yarn in the weave structure, making it ultra-smooth. It scatters light, contributing to its sheen. Alpaca, wool, and cashmere contribute to its comfiness. Beneath it, organic wrapped coils and layers of latex create a system of support and structure.

    Buying the largest size of this luxury mattress will set you back $9,999.

    Did you know?

    Halcyon’s whole mantra with mattress making is combining organic, non-toxic materials with luxury. Their mattresses have a zippered construction, which means they can be customized over time as your needs for your mattress change.

  3. Signatory Superb
  4. Price: $14,000
    Brand: Vispring
    Country: Britain
    Signatory Superb
    photo source: The Organic Mattress

    Vispring, a British luxury mattress brand that has been creating beds for over 100 years, created the Signatory Superb with the intent of bringing high luxury to consumer mattress construction. To that end, the bed is made from cashmere, Shetland wool (platinum-certified), horsetail, and calico pocket springs hand-nested in the mattress body.

    The hand-stitched construction, coir upholstery, and inlaid air vents all testify to the mattress’s quality. It costs $14,000 to own, but the all-organic materials and hand-crafted construction imply a refined night’s sleep for the new owner that could well be worth the premium price.

    Did you know?

    On Scotland’s Shetland Islands, for the last 200 years sheep have been raised through such refinement that they are known for producing some of the world’s highest quality wool. Glassy, strong, and white, the wool of the Shetland sheep is extra durable due to the cold winters on the isles. To become platinum-certified like the wool in the Signatory Superb mattress requires rigorous quality testing.

  5. Royal Ascent Luxetop Mattress
  6. Price: $17,000
    Brand: Kluft
    Country: United States

    photo source: CityMattress

    Kluft sounds middle European, but the company is actually an American-based luxury mattress manufacturer. They have a facility in Pennsylvania and California where they hand-craft these mattresses. The quilt layers of the Royal Ascent Luxetop Mattress are made from Belgian jacquard damask silk and alpaca fibers. To promote coolness and breathability, there’s also a layer of natural latex and convoluted foam.

    The goal of the mattress is pressure-relief and airflow, which is why it includes layers of horsetail, cashmere, organic cotton, and luxury New Zealand wool. Each rosette of wool is individually hand-crafted. This luxury mattress costs $17,000.

    Did you know?

    Kluft mattresses are made with a method called “hand tufting.” The method involves compressing the upholstery after each piece is added, which secures the material to the base and prevents it from transferring motion. This not only stops the mattress from sagging but also provides users with better back support than conventional mattresses.

  7. The Dux Xclusive
  8. Price: $27,600
    Brand: Duxiana
    Country: Sweden
    The Dux Xclusive
    photo source: Duxiana

    The Dux Xclusive mattress by Duxiana is made from aniline leather (full grain) and Pascal cassettes, a spring system designed by Dux to make the mattress more ergonomic. It works by contouring the body in a way that keeps the spine neutral, which allows ligaments and muscles to repair themselves while the user sleeps. This reduces back pain, can relieve chronic discomfort, and due to the slight elevation at the foot of the mattress, also gently encourages circulation.

    The mattress retails for $27,600 and comes with a full headboard and legs.

    Did you know?

    Dux has been perfecting what it calls its “high-performance sleep system” for almost 90 years. Their focus is on ergonomic engineering – creating beds that are shaped specifically for people of different sizes, shapes, and weights.

    Many of our muscle groups, particularly in the back and pelvis, are constantly under strain. The right mattress can provide a sleeping posture that encourages them to relax and repair. This one comes all the way from Sweden to do just that.

  9. Masterpiece Superb
  10. Price: $40,000
    Brand: Vispring
    Country: Britain
    Masterpiece Superb
    photo source: US Mattress

    Vispring revolutionized spring-based mattress designs, which are exemplified by this Masterpiece Superb mattress. For $40,000, this is one of the most expensive mattresses on the market. The quilted design is made with a tight-woven but breathable fabric that prevents dust and mites from getting in the material.

    The materials used to make this bed include Shetland wool, organic cotton, Mooseburger horsetail, cashmere, silk, and alpaca. The quilt top is a blend of cashmere and silk. Vispring offers a 30-year warranty on the Masterpiece Superb mattress but doesn’t expect to need it.

    Did you know?

    Vispring was founded in 1899 by a British engineer named James Marshall. He invented the coiled spring mattress for his sick wife while they were living in Canada, bringing the design back to Britain with him. Orders for luxury beds on boats constituted the first major orders for the newly minted Vispring mattresses. Today, Vispring is sold in 500 stores in 50 countries around the world.

  11. Marwari Special Edition
  12. Price: $67,190
    Brand: Hästens
    Country: Sweden
    Marwari Special Edition
    photo source: US Mattress

    This mattress by Hästens, the first on this list from the luxury brand that creates the most luxurious bedding in the world, is built for decadence. The top of the mattress is quilted with horsetail hair, mohair, wool, and cotton. The padding layers are made of bolster fabric, cotton, wool, horsetail hair, and cotton stretch fabric.

    The mattress is well-known for its luxurious back support, including innerspring support, Hästens’ Bonell Spiral Spring System, and a cotton, wool, and horsetail fabric mix. For the luxury in this Marwari Special Edition by Hästens, you’ll have to pay a premium price of $67,190.

    Did you know?

    Hästens has been in the same family of craftsmen since 1852 – six generations’ worth. It began with Pehr Adolf, Master Saddler for the King of Sweden, transferring his craft to horse-tail hair leather crafting, which eventually included mattresses. His sons became saddlers and eventually founded the Hästens mattress company on this legacy.

  13. Vividus
  14. Price: $210,400
    Brand: Hästens
    Country: n/a
    photo source:US Mattress

    Vividus by Hästens was created in their words, “to surpass every other bed.” They actually outdid themselves after creating it (see below). But the Vividus, which retails for over $210,000, is no slacker when it comes to bringing Hästens craftsmanship to bear on your comfort.

    The bed is made from 100% natural materials, which include horsetail hair, mohair, wool, and cotton. All the materials are organic, laid over padding made from bolster fabric and cotton stretch fabric. The back support system of the Vividus mattress includes their patented Bonnell Spiral Spring System as well as natural flax and pure cotton/wool.

    Did you know?

    You may have noticed that the most expensive mattresses in the world frequently employ horsehair and horsetail hair in their designs. This is because they offer the best comfort and support of any mattress material. The reason is that horsehair is “hollow” compared to wool, which allows it to breathe and wick moisture far more efficiently. This ultimately makes it cooler than any synthetic materials, including memory foam.

  15. Grand Vividus
  16. Price: $390,000
    Brand: Hästens
    Country: Sweden
    Grand Vividus
    photo source:The Luxury Bed Collection

    The most expensive mattress is the Grand Vividus by Hästens. The furniture designer Ferris Rafauli teamed with Swedish mattress manufacturer Hästens to create this bed. Like the best mattresses on this list, it combines sleeping furniture with art to elevate the craft. Hästens has been making beds since 1852, manufacturing luxury mattresses using a team of craftsmen based in Köping, Sweden. With the Grand Vividus, it shows.

    Rafauli brings luxury home design to the already expensive mattress manufacturer. He uses a rich leather hide for accents and handles as well as gold and brass accents. The mattress uses four colors of leather to match most luxury bedroom decorations.

    The Grand Vividus cannot be bought online. You have to request a consultation from the luxury mattress companies that carry it. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $390,000 for this bed.

    Did you know?

    Hästens used to make saddles for the Swedish Royal Court. Rafauli brought that heritage to this bed by reviving Hästens’ horse insignia from 1917 for the mattress’s nameplate.

The Takeaway

The most expensive mattresses in the world are a comfort as well as a luxury. They tread that line by using the most luxurious materials from the best bed manufacturers in the world, many of whom have been building beds for over 100 years.

If you want to drop tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mattress, this list gives you the most expensive options available. If you really want to put comfort first and the price is no object, follow the links to your local luxury mattress retailer to find the mattress royalty your decadent bedtime routine has been needing.


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