9 Most Expensive Massage Chairs You Can Buy

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What is better than booking an appointment for a luxury spa treatment, including the best full-body massage? Probably not many things. 

But it is not always easy with work or school to indulge and spoil yourself with a spa weekend.  

Even though most of us cannot afford regular spa visits, one of the best investments you can make is getting a massage chair for your home. Granted – massage chairs can cost a hefty amount even with their benefits, but the market has reasonably priced chairs that can be a great relaxation splurge. 

At-home massage chairs are styled like living room recliners in different colors, so they can easily fit with one’s house décor. The benefits are full body massages, focusing on pain points, heat therapy, lower-back problems, and compression massages. 

Ideal for all kinds of body and muscle aches, especially for people who work strenuous jobs. Besides, you do not have to work to enjoy a deep tissue massage whenever you feel like it!

The basic massage chairs could work well with a limited budget too. However, if your wallet allows you to grab the best possible chair, this list of the nine most expensive massage chairs is ideal for you!

9. Z-Smart+ Massage Chair

Price: $10,999
Manufacturer: Zarifa USA
Most Impressive Features: AI Voice Control, Zero-G Stretch Inversion
Z-Smart+ Massage Chair
photo source: Zarifa USA

Zarifa’s Z-Smart+ massage chair comes in white, blue, and black, but the color does not matter as much as the main functions. Like a portable massage spa for your living room, Z-Smart+ offers full-body, hand, and feet massage for $10,999. It can be purchased for less since the website often has discounts.

The massage chair carries therapeutic heat for rejuvenating heat massage, AI voice control in order not to move while relaxing, and 12-point variable massaging. Zarifa USA takes pride in being the only Z-Z-Smart+ chair manufacturer, so the ordering goes directly on their website.

Did you know?

Z-Smart+ special features include Zero Gravity Stretch Inversion, but this massage program combines two therapies in one. Inversion therapy allows the chair to recline 180 degrees, stretching the spine as it goes. And Zero Gravity makes the body feel weightless like astronauts feel in space.

8. Kumo Massage Chair

Price: $11,300
Manufacturer: JP Medics
Most Impressive Features: L-Track, 4D Massage, Bluetooth Speakers
Kumo Massage Chair
photo source: JP Medics

One of the prettier massage chairs one can see is undoubtedly a JP Medics Kumo chair made in Japan. It has several color options – graphic stone and fuji red, stone white and edo brown, or full black leather. Kumo massage chair is one of two massage chairs from this manufacturer, with an $11,300 retail price. 

With over 15 specific features, the Kumo massage chair is one of the best affordable chairs on the market. It has a 4D full-body massage that allows you to choose a program, speed, and rhythm of your massage time, six unique massage techniques, and heating therapy as you relax. 

Did you know?

One of the more exciting programs is listening to music through advanced Bluetooth speakers, the shoulder, foot, and calf massage, and precise body scanning to adjust the optimal massage program for your body and needs.

7. CZ-716 Massage Chair

Price: $11,499
Manufacturer: Cozzia
Most Impressive Features: AI Technology, Biometric Scanner
CZ-716 Massage Chair
photo source: Cozzia USA

With a 3-year warranty, Cozzia’s newest addition is a perfect gift for anyone. CZ-716 attacks all body regions, starting with your neck and shoulders and moving down to your calves and feet. The machine uses AI Technology to measure your body tension, creating a perfect massage system.

It has a hand-held biometric scanner to read your stress levels and measure your blood oxygen levels. After this scan, the massage chair customizes the best massage program for your relaxation. The chair comes in emerald green, black, gray, and champagne color to match your aesthetic.

Did you know?

Besides the AI Technology scanner, the CZ-716 chair has dual lumbar massages, four different stretch options for any back pain, voice control compatibility, and advanced 4D rollers.

6. Supreme Hybrid 6D Massage Chair

Price: $13,500
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Most Impressive Features: Zero Gravity, Bluetooth Speakers, 6D Rollers
Supreme Hybrid 6D Massage Chair
photo source: Daiwa Massage

This encapsulated massage chair called the Supreme Hybrid is “the Ultimate Massage Experience,” judging by Daiwa’s website. It comes in gray, chocolate, and champagne cream colors, and it has 50 built-in airbags that massage your shoulders, arms, waist, legs, and feet.

While the chair gives you the best massage you have ever had, the heating elements relax your muscles even more as your body feels weightless due to Zero Gravity technology. With new roller technology, the chair had separate upper and lower massaging arms for a complete body massage.

Did you know?

Supreme Hybrid allows you to pick a massage program based on your mood. Whether you need stress relief, refreshment, deep shiatsu, or maybe a massage for a good night’s sleep, it has everything covered. This chair is also the first 6D roller massage chair.

5. Circadian Syner-D Massage Chair

Price: $14,999
Manufacturer: Infinity
Most Impressive Features: L-Track + S-Track Massages
Circadian Syner-D Massage Chair
photo source: Infinity Massage Chairs

The official website explains the Circadian Syner-D massage chair as the benefit of spa massage at home for $14,999. It comes in black and brown, with light gray details, dressed in expensive leather, looking like a mini spaceship tailored for relaxation. 

The Circadian chair offers the unique Flex-Track massage, combining L-Track and S-Track full-length neck-to-glutes massage. This feature means that the massage does not stop at the lower back but extends to your thighs. The chair gets navigated through a touch-screen tablet. 

Did you know?

Infinity’s Circadian offers two massage mechanisms for a full-body massage, focusing on a painful back. Besides this, the chair allows the user to save the settings they like and use it for future massages. You can also set rhythm, speed, and timer for each session. 

4. CE-9800 Massage Chair

Price: $19,999
Manufacturer: Dr. Fuji
Most Impressive Features: S-L Track Massage, Body Scan Technology
CE-9800 Massage Chair
photo source: Dr. Fuji

Another S-L Track massage chair comes from a medical consultant firm Dr. Fuji, operating since 1954. The massage chair focuses on the natural S line of the body, designed for full-body relaxation. The retail price for the CE-9800 is $19,999, but it is currently on sale for $13,997.

CE-9800 has body scan technology to set the rollers for the optimal massage experience but also adjust the height and width of the chair to fit your body. The chair allows support for the lumbar area, decompressing and separating the spine as it works, allowing the rollers to work from all sides. 

Did you know?

If you ever wished to have a professional human touch massage from the comfort of your home, the 4D technology works like a charm! It has heating performances to relax your muscles as you adjust movements, speed, and rate of your massage.

3. Inada Therapina Robo Massage Chair

Price: $22,700
Manufacturer: Irelax
Most Impressive Features: Five-finger Kneading, Mother’s Love Sounds
Inada Therapina Robo Massage Chair
photo source: Irelax

Made in Japan, the Family Therapina Robo massage chair is Irelax’s most expensive product, retailing for $22,700. Designed as the ultimate relaxation solution, Therapina Robo looks like a relaxing dome that allows you to sink in entirely and enjoy the full-body massage. 

The massage types engulf your muscles, surpassing the human massage with rollers that work like fingers with joints. The manufacturer explored the basics of finger massage, calculating the pressure, speed, and massage rhythm, and applying the knowledge to their massage techniques. 

Did you know?

With various massage programs, the Robo chair offers the same five-finger massage to your ankles and feet and a chest-holding shoulder massage where the program stimulates shiatsu points. A unique feature called Mother’s Love narrates childhood and innocent moments through music and storytelling.

2. Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair

Price: $29,999
Manufacturer: Medical Breakthrough
Most Impressive Features: Zero Gravity Sleep System, Hip Twist Massage
Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair
photo source: Medical Breakthrough

Medical Breakthrough model number 9 is a massage chair recommended by 26+ doctors of medicine. The manufacturer advertises it as “the best medical massage chair ever made” with new features that their other chairs do not have – such as a hip twist and full-body twist massage for relaxation. 

When you read the description, you get the idea that the chair massages every part of your body. Starting with your neck, shoulders, lower back, calf, and ankles, touching all 11 pain points of your body. It is the first chair to include reflexology foot massage with three rows of rollers for complete sole massage. 

Did you know?

For a retail price of $29,999, Medical Breakthrough number 9 has fatigue recovery, pain relief systems, and even an arthritis joint care system for joint problems and crevices. This chair is the company’s fifth improved massage chair, considered the complete-package model. 

1. LBF-750 Massage Chair

Price: $30,000
Manufacturer: Lamborghini/Bodyfriend
Most Impressive Features: Fingerprint Authentication, Vital Signs Measurement
LBF-750 Massage Chair
photo source: Healing Touch Chairs

Yes, you read it correctly – Lamborghini has made a massage chair that is much cheaper than their supercars but still the most expensive massage chair on the market! Introduced at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019, the chair comes in red, white, and yellow. 

LBF-750 innovation is a collaboration between Lamborghini and Bodyfriend healthcare company that works with many celebrities.

Chair features are the 4D massage system that sets the tone according to the user’s body, a multi-interface controller, and eight stereo sound speakers to enjoy while getting massaged. 

The BodyFriend is available for $30,000

Did you know?

What is unique about this massage chair is something that is not seen very often. It has a fingerprint sensor that guarantees custom massage each time, brain massage with binaural beats, and even a special “Supercar” massage done while listening to Lamborghini’s engine sound. 

If you cannot take a ride in Lamborghini, at least the trip in their massage chair is more affordable. 


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