8 Most Expensive Golf Clubs in the Market

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Golfing is already a luxury sport where rich dudes and dudettes show off their wealth. The clubs you use can show a competitor exactly what you’re all about. If you have the bank to back it up, you may spend thousands or tens of thousands on luxury golfing equipment to give your performance (and reputation) a little edge.

There are clubs out there that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, auctioned off to collectors and avid fans due to their former celebrity ownership or one-of-a-kind traits. Those clubs are featured on other lists. For this list, we focused on the clubs that you can buy right now – the most expensive golf clubs regularly sold to the golf enthusiasts that need a little something extra.

  1. King RF Proto Irons
  2. Price: $2,499.99
    Brand: Cobra Golf
    Finish: Copper
    King RF Proto Irons
    photo source: Cobra Golf

    The King RF Proto Irons from Cobra Golf was designed in conjunction with Rickie Fowler. This limited-edition club was revised in 33 different models before arriving at this one. The copper finish is the first thing you’ll notice after releasing your proto irons from its commemorative box. Next, you’ll notice the design, which was forged using a two-step process. This involved a CNC milling machine (computer-numeric-controlled) which went to work on the head for 155 minutes to guarantee its precise construction.

    The head is tungsten-weighted to create a perfect hitting zone that improves stability, particularly on off-center strikes. This club will set you back $2,499.99, but it has a lot to offer in exchange.

    Did you know?

    Cobra Golf also features an extensive AI platform called Cobra Connect that allows players to track advanced analytics from their smartphones, including distance averages for specific clubs, range calculators, and more.

  3. Callaway Epic Forged Star Irons
  4. Price: $2,599.99
    Brand: Callaway
    Finish: Black steel
    Callaway Epic Forged Star Irons
    photo source: Golf Galaxy

    The Epic Forged Star Irons is a club from Callaway that costs $2,599.99 and earns it. The club is shaped precisely using a suspended Tungsten core designed for consistency, both for launch and distance. The black finish gives the club not only its signature sheen but a great feel.

    The body of the club is forged from 1025 carbon steel with an ultra-thin face. This allows the club to maintain its high speed as well as cater to any skill-level to achieve maximum distance. The combination of light-weight construction and optimal CG placement for added stability promotes a faster swing, lower spin, and higher launch.

    The question is: how much is all that worth to you?

    Did you know?

    Callaway Golf has only been in business since 1982. However, in 1986, Callaway became the first golf equipment manufacturer to use milling machines run by computers, which has defined their history as a proponent of cutting-edge design technology. By 1995, Callaway Golf was the most prolific seller of woods and irons in the world.

  5. Ichiro Honma Golf Commemorative Edition Gold Golf Complete Set
  6. Price: $3,634.17
    Brand: Honma
    Finish: 24-karat gold
    Ichiro Honma Golf Commemorative Edition Gold Golf Complete Set
    photo source: Wish

    This commemorative edition gold golf set contains 13 clubs built with dedicated graphite shafts for maximum flexibility and low weight. Honma created these clubs and plated them in 24-karat gold (the 34-inch putters are the highlights). They were crafted from 38HRC, American Aerospace Class 17-4, which basically means the metal was rigorously tested and awarded a quality equivalent to materials used in the aerospace industry.

    These commemorative clubs cost $3,634.17 to own.

    Did you know?

    The strike surface of these clubs was forged from imported titanium alloy made from steel imported from Datong Japan, where the best clubs are forged and sourced.

  7. Seven MB Full CNC Iron 4-PW
  8. Price: $4,550
    Brand: Seven
    Finish: Steel
    Seven MB Full CNC Iron 4-PW
    photo source: TourSpecGolf

    The Seven MB Full CNC Iron 4-PW is the next golfclub we want to talk about. Another club that employs Japanese manufacturing partners, the Seven MB (which stands for “muscle back”) was sculpted on NX CA, which is a precision 3D modeling solution that allows designers to achieve peak performance using the latest technology.

    These heads are expensive, running upwards of $4,500, because of their long, precision manufacturing process. Everything on the club, from the hosel length, depth locations, and specs to the CG heights, was designed with flow in mind. As part of a set, Seven’s 4-PW Iron earns its price-tag.

    Did you know?

    NX CAD’s digital design and modeling program is used by major technology manufacturers, including Seven, which sources all its parts from Japan. Other companies that use it include SpaceX, Mercedes, Apple, Tesla, and more.

  9. BERES Ladies 4-Star Iron
  10. Price: $6,750
    Brand: BERES
    Finish: Carbon/gold
    BERES Ladies 4-Star Iron
    photo source: Honma

    The 4-Star Iron by BERES are premium clubs designed for female users and bring the same luxury designs that they put in everything (see later in the list for more of their legendary products). These clubs are designed in Sakata, Japan using the Honma design legacy but pulling it into the modern day.

    The price is driven not only by the advanced material construction but by the use of 24-karat gold trim and accents. They designed their ARMRQ 4S shafts with twist fleuret material that retains its shape memory, increasing your maximum drive distance as well as your stability.

    This 4-star iron costs $6,750, making it the most expensive single club on this list.

    Did you know?

    In the Yamagata prefecture in Japan (prefectures are like counties or regions), Sakata sits in the foothills and gathers enough artisanship and material sources to be a major hub for advanced golf club construction in the East. Every Honma club requires six months to construct and passes under the hands of over 100 artisans before being sold to discerning players.

  11. Bentley Golf Complete Set 2021
  12. Price: $11,999.99
    Brand: Bentley
    Finish: Carbon steel/graphite
    Bentley Golf Complete Set 2021photo source: Golfio

    The Bentley Gold Complete Set for 2021 employs the brand’s iconic curved designs and refined edges to create a performance-based, sleek set. It includes a driver, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, 1 FW, 3 Wedges, and a Putter. The irons were forged in Japan from ultra-premium mild carbon steel, which are hammered out and CNC milled for performance.

    The unique mix of Japanese graphite and steel makes these clubs must-haves for Bentley lovers, provided they have $12,000 laying around.

    Did you know?

    By employing graphite, Bentley clubs save on weight, making them lighter and increasing the club head speed. All luxury Bentley clubs have soft, PU pin-holed grips that improve control. These are no exception

  13. Sublime Complete Set
  14. Price: $24,794.99
    Brand: Majesty
    Finish: 24-karat gold
    Sublime Complete Setphoto source: PGA Tour Superstore

    The Sublime Complete Set by Majesty has the lightest head weight in the brand’s history. The shaft is gilded in 24-karat gold, creating a unique luxury that the most avid collectors can’t resist. The driver in this set has a TF Spring Titanium face, which increases your maximum distance on the range with effortless precision.

    So it should probably come as no surprise that the clubs are expensive – nearly $25,000. This gorgeous set comes with a driver, fairway wood, 5-PW, SW, and AW Irons, and a Putter.

    Did you know?

    Majesty employs “Takumi” craftsman to refine the shape, finish, and trajectory designs of their clubs. “Takumi” refers to golf industry artisans from Japan, whose designs are often imitated or employed outright by other luxury designers vying for a piece of the action.

  15. BERES Five-Star Irons
  16. Price: $27,000
    Brand: BERES
    Finish: Titanium/gold
    BERES Five-Star Ironsphoto source: TourSpecGolf

    The most expensive golf club is the BERES Five-Star Irons. BERES tops the list with their premium set of clubs for 2020, the BERES 5-Star Irons (6-11). The artistry and luxury of these clubs is second to none, combining performance-driven material construction and rare decoration into a literally game-changing club that doubles as a discussion piece. BERES created the ARMRQ 5S shaft for these clubs, which use memory twist material to increase the energy transfer in the shaft. This means they don’t just feel better to use – they physically drive balls farther.

    What the brand calls its “multi-axis metal hybrid armor fiber technology” is a mouthful but really just a way to describe how the shaft is counterbalanced with light but strong material. This improves your swing speed and further increases distance.

    To own the 2020 Five-Star Irons will cost you a cool $27,000.

    Did you know?

    Honma designs clubs for BERES from its headquarters in Japan, leveraging its material construction (Ti5N Titanium drives performance) on these luxury clubs. Their titanium alloys have a low specific gravity, which allows the craftsmen to reduce crown thickness as well as weight.

The Takeaway

These luxury golf clubs offer their players a decadent way to enjoy their game, not to mention a way to show off. Spending five, ten, or even twenty-five thousand on a set of golfclubs may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, the most expensive clubs you can buy not only bring bragging rights to the table but also have the benefit of improved performance due to their luxury construction. It may not be riches you’re after but the best possible game. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


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