10 Most Expensive Chef Knives You Can Buy

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The earliest knives were made for hunting and cooking. They were initially made of stone, but the Bronze Age introduced metal blades that were more durable and versatile.

Knives with metal blades served many of the same purposes as stone blades: hunting and cooking.

Modern knives can be super expensive. Special metal-working techniques, pricey materials, and rare designs — many factors can make knives very costly.

All sorts of blades can be expensive, but some of the most expensive knives are specifically made for chefs since they need the best of the best to make high-quality food. 

From scary-sharp eight-inch blades to German-made Damascus steel, these are the most expensive chef knives you can buy.

10. Dalstrong 8-inch Chef Knife

Knife Price: $125
Blade Length: 8 inches
Handle Material: G-10 Garolite
Blade Material: Steel
Dalstrong 8-inch Chef Knife
photo source: dalstrong.com

Kicking off our list is the Dalstrong 8-inch Chef Knife, a razor-sharp steel blade connected to a solid G-10 Garolite handle.

Dalstrong describes the knife as a kitchen powerhouse and an artistic statement, and it’s not hard to see why. The knife takes 60 days to create and features a hand-polished finish — it’s truly an expensive masterpiece.

Overall, this Dalstrong knife costs a whopping $125.

Did you know?

This knife features a blade made of Damascus steel. This type of steel is recognizable by its wavy finish. The product is produced through a complex process of melting metals and infusing them with carbon, resulting in a very strong material.

9. WÜSTHOF Performer 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Knife Price: $350
Blade Length: 8 inches
Handle Material: Synthetic
Blade Material: DLC-coated metal
WÜSTHOF Performer 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
photo source: wusthof.com

This knife features a metal blade with a diamond-like coating (a.k.a. DLC-coated). The sharp and durable design is 8 inches long, connected to a synthetic handle, and has a Rockwell hardness rating of 58 HRC.

That hardness rating means this knife is easy to sharpen and works well in professional kitchens.

WÜSTHOF says this knife is “ideal for precise, powerful work on all types of ingredients.” The blade “glides almost effortlessly through hard and soft ingredients,” making it perfect for pro chefs.

Did you know?

Knives with hardness ratings of 58 HRC are often used for cutting bones and vegetables alike. The next level of hardness, HRC 60, stays sharp longer than 58 but it’s harder to re-sharpen.

8. Nagomi Japan PROFESSIONAL Chef Knife

Knife Price: $365
Blade Length: 240mm (about 9.5 inches)
Handle Material: Inlaid stainless steel on laminated reinforced Spanish wood
Blade Material: Stainless steel
Nagomi Japan PROFESSIONAL Chef Knife
photo source: nagomijapan.jp

This knife features a “secret” stainless steel blade. Nagomi hasn’t unveiled what the special metal includes, but the company says the secret recipe took more than a year to research and develop.

The company also says Michelin-starred chefs have voiced their approval of this knife, calling it “impeccably sharp, well balanced, and easy to sharpen.”

You’ll have to drop some serious cash if you want this professional chef knife. Nagomi priced the blade at more than $300, making it one of the world’s most expensive chef’s knives.

Did you know?

Nagomi has been making knives since the early 1870s. The company makes hand-crafted knives “with a modern appeal and comfort of use for all.”

7. Artisan Revere Chef’s Knife

Knife Price: $445
Blade Length: 8.6 inches
Handle Material: Recycled wood pulp
Blade Material: Elmax® 3rd-generation Super Steel
Artisan Revere Chef’s Knife
photo source: artisanrevere.com

This chef’s knife from Artisan Revere is known for its durable steel blade and ultra-sharp edge.

The knife features Elmax® 3rd-generation Super Steel, a special material that stays sharp longer. It’s also equipped with a comfortable handle made of environmentally conscious recycled wood pulp.

Artisan Revere says this blade is much thinner than other knives, making cutting “40% easier.” A single Artisan Revere Chef’s Knife costs a steep $445, making it one of the priciest kitchen blades on the planet.

Did you know?

This knife comes with a leather sheath for safe storage. Storing knives in sheaths can also protect the blade and keep it sharp longer.

6. Takeshi Saji R2 Diamond Finish Damascus TCR Japanese Chef’s Santoku Knife

Knife Price: $700+
Blade Length: 180mm (about 7 inches)
Handle Material: Damascus steel with a diamond finish
Blade Material: Red turquoise
Takeshi Saji R2 Diamond Finish Damascus TCR Japanese Chef’s Santoku Knife
photo source: hocho-knife.com

Takeshi Saji is a master knife-maker in Japan. The expert was certified by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade & Industry in 1992 and has been a leading blacksmith for decades.

Saji’s offerings include this handmade chef’s knife, a masterpiece featuring a Damascus steel blade with a diamond finish and a red turquoise handle. Buyers pay upwards of $700 for Saji’s knives, some even sell for more than $800.

Did you know?

Takeshi Saji uses traditional hammer-forging techniques to make his knives. The result is a very hard blade rated 63 on the Rockwell hardness scale. All Takeshi Saji knives are handmade in Japan.

5. Tsukasa White Steel Unryu Kurouchi Damascus Knife

Knife Price: $2,500
Blade Length: 270mm (about 10.5 inches)
Handle Material: Pagoda wood
Blade Material: Damascus steel
Tsukasa White Steel Unryu Kurouchi Damascus Knife
photo source: japaneseknifeimports.com

This knife features a handle made of Pagoda wood and a blade of Damascus steel. The metal is hand-forged before it’s twisted, giving the blade its distinctive appearance. The blade itself measures about 10.5 inches long, while the handle is comfortable and ergonomic.

The whole setup comes with a carefully made wooden case and sheath, keeping the blade sharp and protecting hands from the knife’s razor-like edge.

Overall, this knife costs $2,500. That steep price tag doesn’t seem to scare away buyers though — the blade is regularly out of stock due to high demand.

Did you know?

This knife has an ambidextrous grip so anyone can use it regardless of their dominant hand.

4. Wilburn Forge Integral Mosaic Pattern Damascus Steel Knife

Knife Price: $3,699
Blade Length: 11 inches
Handle Material: Amboyna Burl
Blade Material: X pattern Damascus steel
Wilburn Forge Integral Mosaic Pattern Damascus Steel Knife
photo source: newwestknifeworks.com

Damascus steel is already very eye-catching, but this knife-maker takes it a step further by creating an X pattern in the blade. The interesting look is bolstered by a handle made of Amboyna Burl, an exotic wood commonly found in southeastern Asia.

The blade is made by Aaron Wilburn, a master blacksmith working in California.

This knife costs nearly $3,700, making it the fourth most expensive knife you can buy.

Did you know?

Amboyna Burl is one of the most expensive woods in the world. The material is used for a lot of high-end creations, including the dashboard of the Mercedes Mai Bock.

3. Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki Mirror Finish Knife

Knife Price: $5,999
Blade Length: Unreported
Handle Material: Rosewood and 24K gold
Blade Material: White steel
Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki Mirror Finish Knife
photo source: echefknife.com

This knife was made by blade masters in Sakai, Japan. The beautiful creation is really a work of art: 24K gold on a rosewood handle, white steel with a mirror finish for the blade, and a lacquered sheath featuring a phoenix. It’s a masterpiece.

Like many pieces of art, this handmade knife is expensive. The chef’s blade typically sells for nearly $7,000, but you might be lucky enough to snag one of just under six grand.

Did you know?

The sellers of this knife say it’s ideal for creating very thin slices of fish for sushi and sashimi. The blade’s sharpness is also perfect for long, uninterrupted knife strokes that preserve the quality of fresh ingredients.

2. Nesmuk EXKLUSIV C150 Chef’s Knife With Juma Black

Knife Price: $5,999
Blade Length: 7 inches
Handle Material: Juma Black (durable synthetic material)
Blade Material: Damascus steel
Nesmuk EXKLUSIV C150 Chef’s Knife With Juma Black
photo source: eversharpknives.com

Coming in at number two is a pricey knife featuring Damascus steel and a synthetic handle. The durable design includes a 7-inch blade with an eye-catching Damascus pattern.

Nesmuk sells the chef’s knife alongside an impressive protective case for maximum blade protection.

At nearly $6,000, this Nesmuk blade is the world’s second most expensive chef’s knife.

Did you know?

This knife takes a long time to create. Nesmuk says the blade is hand-forged and features a carbon content of 1.5%. That means the knife is very hard, durable, and capable of being extremely sharp. It’s also coated in a special material that protects the design from corrosion.

1. Nesmuk Century Knife 2010

Knife Price: EUR 80,000 (about $81,000)
Blade Length: 18cm (about 7 inches)
Handle Material: Bog oak
Blade Material: Damascus steel
Nesmuk Century Knife 2010
photo source: scharfkochen.de

Nesmuk Century Knife 2010 is the most expensive chef knife you can buy.

Priced at more than eighty thousand dollars, this Nesmuk blade is by far the most expensive chef’s knife you can buy.

The extremely expensive design features a Damascus steel blade and a 5,000-year-old bog oak handle alongside a special case to protect your pricey kitchen tool.

The design also features platinum and 25 precious diamonds, boosting the overall value. Nesmuk says this knife features “the finest carbon steel with the highest level of craftsmanship.”

Did you know?

This knife has a hardness rating of about 65 HRC.


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