8 Most Expensive Baby Strollers in the Market

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The average stroller typically costs around $100-$150, some as low as $50. However, for many parents, the features and comforts of their baby’s stroller are worth paying extra for. These expensive strollers maximize the design potential of the normally simple stroller, crossing them with luxury fashion items and works of clever engineering.

Continue reading to learn about the 8 most expensive strollers and the companies that made them.

  1. Mima Xari 4G Single Modular Stroller in New York Zebra
  2. Price: $1,899.99
    Brand: Mima
    Color: White and black
    Mima Xari 4G Single Modular Stroller in New York Zebra
    photo source: Buybuy Baby

    The Mima Xari 4G Single Modular Stroller in New York Zebra is a unique stroller design to kick off this list. The carriage is like a little reclined space pod facing forward with a solid white seat and zebra-stripe interior canopy. The stroller supports over 37 pounds and can be converted into a carrycot that allows you to take the seat out and move the baby without moving them.

    The stroller’s sturdy aluminum frame and adjustable height make it more versatile, helping it earn its $1,899.99 price tag.

    Did you know?

    Mima is one of the most recently formed companies represented on this list, having been founded officially in 2009 after being introduced at the trade show known as Kind & Jugend in Cologne, Germany. Since then, the brand’s founder, Dutch designer Davy Kho, has been touring with the design, having patented the compact carrycot design of these unique strollers.

  3. Bugaboo Donkey 5 Complete Twin Stroller
  4. Price: $1,989
    Brand: Bugaboo
    Color: Black
    Bugaboo Donkey 5 Complete Twin Stroller
    photo source: Amazon

    The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Complete Twin Stroller can be converted from a single to a double capacity stroller easily. The stroller has multiple configurations depending on your needs. One of them has the babies in canopies that face you side by side. Another has them facing alternating directions. Yet another can be separated into a standalone carrier while the stroller keeps one kid in tow.

    The stroller’s foldable, ergonomic design is well-ventilated with transparent mesh. For the pusher, it has a comfortable grip and a cup holder. On Amazon, the stroller costs $1,989.00.

    Did you know?

    Bugaboo is a Dutch company that has been making high-end strollers since 1996. They sell in over 50 countries and were originally made popular when their Bugaboo Classic was mentioned by name in an episode of Sex and the City.

  5. Zippie Kid Kart Voyage Moderate Stroller
  6. Price: $2,050
    Brand: Zippie
    Color: Black and red
    Zippie Kid Kart Voyage Moderate Stroller
    photo source: Adaptive Specialties

    This stroller is stylish and tall, colored black with silver handles and red accents on the seat and canopy. The Zippie Kid Kart Voyage Moderate Stroller was made in a collaboration between Zippie and Baby Jogger to provide a space-efficient, lightweight stroller with designer sensibilities. They used “quick-fold tech” to make this stroller foldable in a single movement, allowing it to be easily stowed in a car or home after a long day walking out and about.

    It has a breathable mesh canopy with pockets, hand-operated wheel locking mechanisms, a storage basket rated for up to 15 pounds, and more headroom than average. This stroller costs $2,050 to own.

    Did you know?

    This stroller’s seat can be reverse tilted to 35 degrees and reclined 45 degrees. Both functions can be operated using simple hand levers on the handlebar. One of this stroller’s unique functions is the ability to reverse the seat, allowing you to push the stroller while facing the baby so you can see them the whole time.

  7. Peach Designer Collection Cerium Twin
  8. Price: $2,288.78
    Brand: iCandy
    Color: Black
    Peach Designer Collection Cerium Twin
    photo source:  iCandyworld

    The Peach Designer Collection Cerium Twin stroller is a sleek, black, and roomy stroller for pushing two kids at a time. Rather than the normal design, which sits the kids next to each other in one wide stroller, this model has the two carriages stacked one on top of the other.

    The stroller is approved for overnight sleeping and includes a backpack and foldable design that prioritizes multi-functionality and convenient storage. The canopy is rated SPF50+ for protection from UV light while providing mesh ventilation to keep it airy and comfortable. This stroller retails from iCandy for $2,288.78.

    Did you know?

    One unique thing about this Peach Designer Collection stroller is that its seat can be dismantled and turned into dual car seats adapted for travel without ever having to move the sleeping kids from their comfy positions.

  9. Baroque Stroller
  10. Price: $2,510
    Brand: Versace
    Color: Black and gold
    Baroque Stroller
    photo source: Neiman Marcus

    The Baroque Stroller by Versace and sold by Neiman Marcus is a work of designer luxury adapted to childhood comforts. The window expands to provide ventilation for the little rider and features an intricate Versace medallion emblazoned on the front. The signature gold and black Versace design adds that extra look of luxury.

    It comes with a gate-check bag built-in for travelers to make the best use of this stroller. It even has a storage container shaped like a backpack for concise storage of the baby’s essentials. The stroller costs $2,510.

    Did you know?

    Like many strollers on this list, this one is the product of a luxury fashion company, in this case, Versace. The Italian designer named after Gianni Versace is known for color and flash. Better known for luxury clothes since being founded in 1978, they made this stroller with their usual decadence in mind.

  11. Balmoral Pram
  12. Price: $4,499.99
    Brand: Silver Cross
    Color: Navy-blue
    Balmoral Pram
    photo source: Silver Cross

    The Balmoral Pram, “pram” being the name for “stroller” in the UK, is a luxury ride for its little occupant. The Silver Cross gliding system built by the company’s craftsmen in Yorkshire in England prioritizes materials in keeping the pram stable. In the case of this navy-blue pram, Silver Cross is bringing a ton of heritage to bear on its design (they made their first back in 1877).

    This pram is built like the classic English strollers with the curvy handlebars, classic canopy, and tall wheels with the skinny spokes. It costs $4,499.99 to relive this historical pram design in modern comfort.

    Did you know?

    William Wilson invented the baby carriage in 1877 with the Silver Cross name and now-iconic suspension system and reversible hood. The brand’s name comes from the company’s early association with King George VI, whose sign was a Silver Cross. Wilson created one of his new prams for the king and later for Princess Grace of Monaco, Prince Philip, and Queen Elizabeth.

  13. Josi 3-in-1 Stroller
  14. Price: $4,795
    Brand: Tadpole Adaptive
    Color: Blue and black
    Josi 3-in-1 Stroller
    photo source: Tadpole Adaptive

    The Josi 3-in-1 Stroller by Tadpole Adaptive is a versatile three-wheeled stroller that can fit not only a kid with comfortable legroom owing to its triangular design but a full-sized human too. This stroller has enough room to fit a parent with a baby in their lap, supported by sturdy wheels with 4 axle positions and a powder-coated aluminum frame.

    This entire stroller is padded, including a chest harness, foot bench, armrests, and push handles. It even has a windowed canopy. The site known as Tadpole Adaptive doesn’t seem to be finished, but the Josi Stroller can be bought for $4,795.

    Did you know?

    Unlike some strollers, the Jose 3-in-1 has a high maximum weight capacity of 187 pounds, enough for some parents to ride with their child if necessary. At the biggest size, the stroller comfortably fits riders up to 5’9” in height.

  15. Baby Dior
  16. Price: $4,900
    Brand: Dior
    Color: Blue and beige
    Baby Dior
    photo source: 

    The most expensive stroller is the Baby Dior. Listed on the Dior store simply as “Stroller,” the stroller commonly known as Baby Dior is a blue and beige canvased stroller with the design print known as “oblique.” Inglesina House crafted this stroller in association with Dior and addressed every inch of this item, even adding an adjustable leather handle engraved with Dior’s logo.

    This stroller has an adjustable back up to 150 degrees and a removable integral hood with comfortable ventilation and anti-UV material. The stroller costs $4,900 so keeping the occupant safe is the least it could do. This is for toting around little princes and princesses.

    Did you know?

    The French fashion house known as Dior, named for the designer Christian Dior, was formed in 1946. It now has 210 locations worldwide and produces enough luxury fashion goods from its 210 locations to pull in 53.67 billion pounds in 2019.

The Takeaway

When it comes to strollers, luxury designer items can sometimes cross with utility to turn an everyday baby care item into a serious expenditure. This list, which includes many of the world’s priciest fashion design houses, contains the strollers that wealthy parents spring for to show off their devotion to their babies as well as reap the rewards of luxury, which include superior suspension, ventilation, and overall comfort.


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