8 Different Types of Lip Shapes: How Rare Are They?

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Lips are one of the most distinctive features of our face. The shape of our lips determines our looks, along with several other facial features. Our facial expressions largely depend on the shape of our lips. It is almost impossible to define lip shapes as there are countless possibilities.

Some lip shapes are well-defined, whereas some others are a combination of two or three different types of lip shapes. Which type of lip will be considered the most desirable depends on the culture, ethnicity, race, gender, and other factors.

Here we list 8 types of lip shapes and discuss how common they are.

No comprehensive statistical studies have been done on which lip shapes are more common than the others. However, there are some common consensuses about which lip shapes can be seen more frequently and which are rare. We compile this list based on that general understanding.

We also mention how different lip shapes indicate certain personality traits. However, it is based on general assumptions, and no scientific data is available on this.

8. Full Lips

Rarity: Common
Appearance: Evenly plump top and bottom lips
Personality traits: Empathetic and social
Full Lips
photo source: wikimedia.org

Full lips are the most common and desired lip shape. People with this lip shape have well-balanced upper and lower lips. They are evenly plumped and look fuller and rounder. This lip shape is most prevalent among people in Europeans, Arabs, South Asians, Jews, and West Asia. 

This type of lips fit the standard notion of beauty. People with this lips type are less likely to have wrinkles or lines around their lips. 

This lip shape makes a face more expressive. It is believed that people who have fuller lips are usually empathetic and always try to protect people around them. They are friendly, good at networking, and value relationships.

They are honest and loyal in friendship as well as romantic relationships. They also often have impressive parenting instincts.

Did you know?

As we age, our upper lips begin to thin out. A 2019 study shows that the thickness of lip decreases by 40.55 percent in women and 32.74 percent in men. 

7. Thin Lips

Rarity: Common
Appearance: Elongated slim lips
Personality traits: Perfectionist, analytical, intelligent
Thin Lips
photo source: www.blowclinic.com

Thin lips are also quite common among people from different racial backgrounds. Thin lips are most frequently seen among Southeast Asians, Northeast Asians, Polynesians, and Native Americans. Many westerners also have thin lips.

This type of lips is usually elongated and lacks definition or fullness. Thin lips often add a more delicate or refined feature to the facial appearance. 

People with thinner lips are known to be perfectionists with higher IQs. They also tend to have great analytical skills. Besides, a thin lip is often associated with shyness. Individuals with thin lips tend to be introverted and love their independence. They like to stay in control and do not easily let people in.

They may seem less empathetic as they rarely reveal their softer sides to others.

Did you know?

Lips are less protected than other parts of our skin. They have no hair follicles or sweat glands. The melanin is also minimal.

6.Thick Lips

Rarity: Common
Appearance: Thick and full at center
Personality traits: Outgoing, fun-loving, and passionate
Thick Lips
photo source: pinimg.com

People with this type of lip shape have thicker and fuller lips. Their lips are especially plump at the center. North Europeans and Africans tend to have thick lips. Some theories suggest that their food habits are responsible for such lip shapes. However, there’s no conclusive scientific evidence supporting this claim.

People with thick lips are perceived to be fun-loving and outgoing in nature. They love spending time with people around. They also tend to be passionate about their work and life in general.

They are confident and, at times, can be stubborn. They can also be impulsive and reckless and may act without thinking it through. 

Thick lips make a face more expressive, and people with thick lips are considered more physically attractive in most cultures.  

Did you know?

Our lips have only 3 to 4 protective layers compared to 15-16 layers on other parts of the skin. This allows the blood vessels to show through and make our lips pinkish. Also, this is why blood oozes out from our lips so easily.

5. Different Top and Bottom Lips

Rarity: Common
Appearance: The thickness of the upper lip and lower lips differs
Personality traits: Sensual (bottom heavy), intellectual and competent (top heavy)
Different Top and Bottom Lips
photo source: static-bebeautiful-in.unileverservices.com
Different Top and Bottom Lips
photo source: static-bebeautiful-in.unileverservices.com

It is a very common lip shape where the thickness of two lips differs in size. The difference can be more pronounced for some than others.

People with larger top lips are usually better at verbal communication. They tend to possess a higher intellect and are more competent than others. On the other hand, it is believed that people with bottom-heavy lips are better at expressing their emotions.

They are considered sensual and physically attractive.

People with different top and bottom lips are usually fearless and love trying new things. 

Did you know?

The lipstick effect is a term used in economics. It refers to a situation where cash-strapped consumers still tend to buy small luxury items during an economic downturn like a recession.  

4. Goldilocks Lips

Rarity: Uncommon
Appearance: Medium-sized, not too thin or thick
Personality traits: Grounded, level-headed, and well-balanced
Goldilocks Lips
photo source: www.lifecoachcode.com

Goldilocks lips are often considered the most balanced lip shape. The lips are neither too thick nor too light. The cupid’s bow is not overly pronounced but doesn’t lack definition either.

People with Goldilocks lip shape are known to be balanced individuals who are usually undemanding, logical, and considerate.

They believe in rationality and can overcome any challenges without making a fuss. They are grounded and possess great common sense.

These people tend to be good listeners and compassionate to others’ feelings. They are emotionally stable and do not want drama in life.    

Did you know?

Lips are unique to each individual. Just like our fingerprints, no two individuals’ lip prints can be the same. 

3. Wide Lips

Rarity: Rare
Appearance: Wider compared to the rest of the face and elongated on the sides
Personality traits: Extroverted, friendly, and assertive
Wide Lips
photo source: etimg.com

This type of lips is wider than the rest of the face. The smile of the people with wide lips extends right up to their ears. The smile brightens up the face immediately, but at the same time, it can overwhelm the other features of the face.

People with lip shapes are usually jovial, extroverted, and assertive. They are perfectionists and have excellent leadership qualities. These people are known to have a higher tolerance level and can embrace different viewpoints and ideologies.

They are believed to be expressive and creative in nature. 

Did you know?

The outline where the lips meet the surrounding skin is called the Vermilion border. As we grow old, the Vermilion border tends to get blurred due to sun damage, wrinkles, and volume loss. 

2. Heart-Shaped Lips

Rarity: Rare
Appearance: Fuller at the center, taper at the edges
Personality traits: Strong-willed, witty, sensitive, and caring
Heart-Shaped Lips
photo source: akm-img-a-in.tosshub.com

Heart-shaped lips are plump at the center and lighter on the edges, with a considerable dip in the middle of the upper lip. As a result, it represents the shape of a heart. This lip shape is highly sought after, especially among women of different ethnicities. 

Heart-shaped lips are usually associated with vulnerability and passion. It is believed that people with this lip shape are generally kind, compassionate, and warm. They are also thought to be more sensitive and caring. 

People with heart-shaped lips are often considered sexier and glamorous. They tend to reveal an artistic, witty, and creative personality.  

Did you know?

Lips have a high number of nerve endings. It makes the lips 100 times more sensitive than our fingertips. It is our body’s most exposed erogenous zone

1. Cupid’s Bow Lip

Rarity: Extremely rare
Appearance: The upper lip dips down in the middle and has two distinct peaks
Personality traits: Charming, compassionate, and confident
Cupid’s Bow Lip
photo source: media1.popsugar-assets.com

Cupid or Cupid’s Bow is the rarest of all lip shapes. Most people have a cupid’s bow, but for some, it is so pronounced that it defines the whole shape of the lip.

Cupid’s bow lips resemble the bow with a double curve carried by the Roman god Cupid.

Cupid’s Bow on lips is usually very prominent in pre-adolescent girls. As an individual grows old, the fullness of the lips fills in the middle first. This changes the shape of the lips, and the cupid’s bow becomes less defined. However, some retain a prominent and well-defined cupid’s bow. It gives them a youthful appearance.

People with cupid’s bow lip shape are considered extremely attractive. They can draw people towards them with their irresistible charm. People love their company and feel at ease around them.

They are known to be helpful and always stand beside their family and friends in crisis. 

They are usually very confident and voice their opinions without fear of being judged. They know their worth, and people find their confidence quite appealing.

Did you know?

As Cupid is the god of eroticism, desire, and affection, this lip shape is often most romantic and attractive.


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