8 Richest Neighborhoods in Seattle

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Seattle is the third richest major city in the United States, with a median household income of $110,781. With its ever-growing tech industry and diverse economy, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some pockets of the city are home to the wealthiest population in the country.

The city’s thrust on green energy and strict environmental policies have made it further lucrative to residents who prioritize sustainability.

One of the unique features of Seattle is that the neighborhoods in the city are closely connected to its downtown area, which is not so common in most other big cities in the American West. Historically, a concerted effort to has always been there to promote the city center as an attractive place to live and work.

In this article, we list 8 of the richest neighborhoods in Seattle. Each neighborhood’s unique character and charm represent the epitome of upscale living in the Emerald City. Residents in these communities enjoy a life of opulence and luxury while staying close to all the city’s amenities.     

8. Madison Park

Median Household Income: $130,300
Median Individual Income: $69,090
Average Home Value: $474,258

Madison ParkImage source: wikipedia.org

Madison Park is a picturesque neighborhood located in east central Seattle. The main attraction of this neighborhood is the park with the same name located on Lake Washington Shore. The park covers an 8.3-acre area with a swimming beach, public dock, playground, tennis court, and playfield.

The history of Madison Park dates back to the late 1800s when it was originally developed as a summer resort for Seattle’s wealthy elite. Over time, the area became more residential, and today it is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle.

The homes in Madison Park include sophisticated bungalows and expensive mansions on large, well-maintained lots. In addition, some modern apartment complexes are also there, offering state-of-art amenities and luxury living.

7. Madrona

Median Household Income: $145,033
Median Individual Income: $67,104
Average Home Value: $1,213,201

MadronaImage source: seattlearchitecture.org

Madrona is a charming residential neighborhood located on the shores of Lake Washinton. The homes in Madrona range from modest bungalows to lavish mansions, many of which offer a stunning view of Lake Washington and Downtown Belleview across the lake. Many of the homes in Madrona are situated on large wooden platforms that provide a sense of privacy and exclusivity.

The neighborhood has an urban-suburban mixed feel with several upscale cafes, pubs, restaurants, and shops, mostly concentrated near 34th Street.

Historically the neighborhood has been racially mixed, promoting the motto of “The Peaceable Kingdom.” During the early 20th century, the area saw an influx of Chinese immigrants who came to work in the coal mining industry.

Later, the neighborhood attracted many Black populations during the shipbuilding boom. However, due to gentrification, in recent times, many Black residents had to leave the area resulting in a sharp decline in the Black population.       

6. Windermere

Median Household Income: $147,061
Median Individual Income: $70,936
Average Home Value: $1,724,047

WindermereImage source: cdn.vox-cdn.com

Windermere is an upscale neighborhood with tree-lined streets and waterfront homes. The community is located in the northeastern part of Seattle along Lake Washington. Many properties in this area also offer a stunning view of Hawthorne Hills.

Windermere is a bedroom community primarily designed to be a residential neighborhood. However, it has a few boutiques, restaurants, and salons along the edge serving the locals.

Windermere is a little secluded from the main city, and thus the residents in the neighborhood enjoy a small-town feel. Downtown Seattle is a 25-minute drive from the area, which makes this community great for those who want to enjoy a quieter lifestyle while still being close to the amenities of the city. 

The neighborhood features many estate-sized properties, smaller homes, and condos with elegant and modern architecture. 

5. Briarcliff

Median Household Income: $167,622
Median Individual Income: $83,507
Average Home Value: $1,797,500

BriarcliffImage source: zerodown.com

Briarcliff is a cozy elite neighborhood that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. It is located west of Magnolia and south of Discovery Park and boasts a beautiful view of Downtown Seattle, the city skyline, and Capitol Hill.

The houses in Briarcliff are a mix of old mansions and modern condos. Most residents own the property. The neighborhood is dwelled by both upscale professionals and wealthy retirees.

The neighborhood is just a short drive from the bustling downtown area; thus, the residents have easy access to world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options. For those who prefer to stay closer to home, there are plenty of local shops and restaurants to explore in the nearby Madison Park and Leschi neighborhoods. 

4. Broadmoor

Median Household Income: $170,340
Median Individual Income: $75,340
Average Home Value: $3,273,816

BroadmoorImage source: rdcpix.com

Broadmoor is an upscale 85-acre gated community around 3 miles from Downtown Seattle. The community lies between the beautiful Washington Park Arboretum and Madison Park, another elite neighborhood. 

In addition to the gated community, Broadmoor has a world-class 115-acre golf club, which makes the neighborhood even more desirable to Seattle elites. Besides the golf course, the public club has a venue for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, and social events.

The neighborhood was developed in 1920 as an exclusive enclave for Seattle’s elites. The neighborhood was designed and built by a group of businessmen, including E.G.Ames, general manager of Puget Mill.

It was designed as a racially segregated community, barring home buyers of certain races and ethnicities from buying home in this area. Today, Broadmoor has a White population of 88.6%.

Did you know?

The Broadmoor Golf Course was ranked 29th by the Top 100 Golf Courses. 

3. Laurelhurst

Median Household Income: $170,340
Median Individual Income: $75,340
Average Home Value: $1,849,483

LaurelhurstImage source: wikipedia.org

Laurelhurst is one of the most family-friendly upscale neighborhoods in Seattle. Sitting on the shore of Lake Washington, Laurelhurst offers a stunning view of the lake and Union Bay. On the north, it is bordered by Hawthorne Hills.

The native Duwamish Tribe once used the area as a seasonal campground. In the early 1900s, McLaughlin Realty Company, run by Joseph McLaughlin and R.F. Booth, acquired properties from several owners and developed the neighborhood for elites.

The real estate in Laurelhurst range from medium-sized to large single-family homes occupied by owners. Many of today’s homes were built in the 1930s or even earlier. These are usually large mansions featuring the finest architecture. Several houses were also built between 1940 and 1970.  

Did you know?

Laurel is a name of a plant, while Hurst means wood in archaic English.  

2. Denny-Blaine

Median Household Income: $184,886
Median Individual Income: $79,288
Average Home Value: $2,239,047

Denny-BlaineImage source: wikiwandv2-19431.kxcdn.com

Denny-Blaine, also called Harrison, is a gorgeous neighborhood in east central Seattle. It is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Washington and offers stunning views of the lake and the Cascade Mountains.

The neighborhood has few entertainment options, although the residents have easy access to the shops and pubs in the adjacent Madison Park area. Downtown Seattle is 2.7 miles from this neighborhood.

The real estate in Denny-Blaine is predominantly made up of grand, early 20th-century homes, many of which sit on large lots and offer sweeping views of the mountain and lake.

The neighborhood was developed by Elbert F. Blaine and Charles L. Denny beginning in 1910. The latter was the son of Arthur Denny, one of the founders of Seattle.  

Did you know?

Founder member and the lead vocalist of the rock band Nirvana Kurt Cobain was found dead on April 8, 1994, in his home in Denny-Blaine.   

1. Montlake

Median Household Income: $192,994
Median Individual Income: $78,525
Average Home Value: $1,987,260

MontlakeImage source: goodmigrations.com

Montlake, the richest neighborhood in Seattle, is a thriving residential neighborhood located 3.5 miles from downtown in central Seattle.

The neighborhood is bordered by the Montlake Cut, a man-made waterway connecting Lake Washington to Lake Union. It is just east of the University of Washington and north of Capitol Hill. Washington Park Arboretum is on the east, and Portage Bay is on the north.

John E. Boyer and Herbert Turner developed the neighborhood. The development work began in 1903 and continued through the early 1930s. The homes in Montlake are predominantly large single-family homes representing early 20th-century American Craftsman bungalows and Tudor-style architecture.

Only a handful of shops and restaurants are found in this neighborhood’s tiny commercial corridor along 24th Avenue East.

Did you know?

Montlake residents have long been repeatedly criticized for their involvement in activisms commonly known as NIMBY-ism (Not-in-my-backyard). Time and again, they opposed many developmental projects in the area, including the building of State Route 520.         


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