9 Richest Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio

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The richest neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio, will inspire, impress, and amaze you. With a thriving economy, diverse culture, and rich history, Columbus brings people together to build a happy community. 

However, certain Columbus, Ohio, neighborhoods stand out from the rest. These are the neighborhoods where you can find luxurious houses, pristine streets, and modern amenities. The people who usually live in these neighborhoods have higher median household incomes and come from the elite families of Ohio.

So, whether you are just curious or looking for a new place to live, you should look at the list of the richest neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio.

9. Westerville

Median home value: $417,000
Year developed: late 19th century
Population: 38,862 (as of 2021)
Land area: 33 sq miles2 (12.74 km2)

WestervilleImage source: Shutterstock

Westerville has attracted a lot of young professionals, retirees, and families over the past decades of its natural beauty, charming community, and historic suburbs.

The vibrant downtown area of Westerville is filled with restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. You’ll also find the Westerville Public Library, which sports a building with a modern design and facilities.

When it comes to parks, Westerville offers a wide range of options. For example, you have the Inniswood Metro Gardens, Sharon Woods Metro Park, and Hoover Reservoir Park.

Did you know?

The first electric streetcar systems were started in Westerville, Columbus. The Columbus Rapid Transit Company ran its streetcars in 1893, which connected Westerville to other places in Columbus.

8. Upper Arlington

Median home value: $520,000
Year developed: early 20th century
Population: 36,295 (as of 2021)
Land area: 9.83 sq miles2 (25.45 km2)

Upper ArlingtonImage source: Alfriend Group

You’re not alone if you notice how beautiful, uniformed, and impressive the houses are in Upper Arlington. Upper Arlington was built as a “model community.” Thus, developers placed strict guidelines on how the houses should be built. This ensured that the houses in the neighborhood would meet the set standard and maintain the beauty of the place.

There are more than 30 parks and green spaces in Upper Arlington. The most notable parks are Northam Park, Fancyburg Park, and Thompson Park. Aside from parks, you’ll enjoy shopping in their thriving shopping district.

Did you know?

King and Ben Thompson developed the Upper Arlington that people know today. The neighborhood was named after Arlington, Virginia, the hometown of King Thompson. The town was called Upper Arlington because it is located north of a place known in the past as Arlington.

7. Worthington Hills

Median home value: $534,900
Year developed: 1960s
Population: 1,855 (as of 2010)
Land area: 0.87 sq miles2 (2.55 km2)

Worthington HillsImage source: Realtor.com

Worthington is best known for its charming and historic neighborhood. Worthington has a lot to offer in the northern part of Columbus, Ohio.

For example, Worthington has a rich history. You can visit the historic district to see old architecturally designed houses and buildings. You can also go to Orange Johnson house, built in 1811.

You should walk, bike, or hike the Olentangy Trail. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are also just nearby.

Did you know?

In 1803, Ohio became a state, and eleven families traveled by wagon to reach the area known today as Worthington. Once they arrived, they formed a new village named Worthington in honor of the sixth governor of Ohio, Thomas Worthington.

6. Dublin

Median home value: $554,950
Year developed: late 19th century
Population: 49,085 (as of 2021)
Land area: 24.44 sq miles2 (63.30 km2)

DublinImage source: Shutterstock

The city’s founder was John Sells. He is an Irish immigrant who named the place Dublin after his hometown in Ireland. Dublin grew into a thriving and booming residential and commercial area in just a few decades.

Dublin is a charming and vibrant neighborhood with beautiful parks, upbeat shopping centers, and reliable schools. You should especially check out the parks of Dublin because they give you scenic bike trails that give you an unforgettable experience.

Other notable places to visit include Bridge Park and Dublin Village Center.

Did you know?

Wendy’shas its roots in Dublin, Columbus. On November 15, 1969, Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s to the public. He named the food chain after his daughter.

5. German Village

Median home value: $575,000
Year developed: 1840s
Population: 5,500 (as of 2020)
Land area: 0.36 sq miles2 (0.93 km2)

German VillageImage source: Shutterstock

German Village has strong German roots. Thus, you will find many of its streets, events, and places named or inspired by German culture.

Looking at the houses in the neighborhood, you’ll find them designed with Victorian, Gothic Revival, and Italianate styles. Many of the current houses you’ll find in German Village were built in the 1950s. These houses are well-preserved to give the current generation a glimpse of the German Village’s past.

Today, German Village is another one of those neighborhoods that people would dream about living in. There are parks to enjoy, schools where you can study, and annual events to celebrate.

Did you know?

As its name suggests, German Village was built by German immigrants. There was even a time when the residents were predominantly German-speaking people. Today, you can still find people in German Village who speak German.

4. Bexley

Median home value: $581,000
Year developed: late 19th century
Population: 13,681 (as of 2021)
Land area: 2.44 sq miles2 (6.32 km2)

BexleyImage Editorial credit: arthurgphotography / Shutterstock.com

Many professionals, families, and individuals desire to live in Bexley because it is wonderful, with tree-lined streets, top-rated schools, and beautiful homes.

Bexley High School and Capital University are the educational institutions consistently ranked high in Ohio. You can also visit Jeffrey Park and Mansion, which includes picnic areas, walking and hiking trails, and natural scenic landscapes.

Did you know?

Bexley is named after the parish of the Kilbourne Estate in England. It was in 1908 that Bexley was formed by incorporating the communities between Livingston and Town Street. Right after the new birth of the village, Columbus disputed its legitimacy. However, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bexley.

3. Powell

Median home value: $690,000
Year developed: mid-1800s
Population: 14,286 (as of 2021)
Land area: 5.82 sq miles2 (15.07 km2)

PowellImage source: HER Realtors

Powell was originally founded as a small agricultural town. However, in the mid-1800s, the town started to grow, and more people came and settled in the area. Eventually, Powell thrived economically and became one of the richest neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio.

Powell is a great place to grow your family with its highly-rated schools, fun parks, and engaged community. One of the parks worth noting in Powell is the Highbanks Metro Park. It offers hiking trails, fishing ponds, and stunning views of the Olentangy River.

Did you know?

Powell is home to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, considered the largest and probably, one of the most popular zoos in the United States. The zoo houses more than 10,000 animals, comprising more than 600 species.

2. Grandview Heights

Median home value: $715,000
Year developed: late 1800s
Population: 8,253 (as of 2021)
Land area: 1.33 sq miles2 (3.44 km2)

Grandview Heights Image source: Experience Columbus

Grandview Heights can easily top our list because of the affluent lifestyle people enjoy within the neighborhood. You’ll see that its tree-lined streets are walkable and bikeable. The friendly neighborhood is safe for children and families.

There are a lot of historic buildings and top-rated schools around the neighborhood. The business district also has several restaurants, local shops, and small businesses.

Grandview Heights is easily accessible because of the major highways nearby. Plus, downtown Columbus is just minutes away.

Did you know?

Grandview Heights was originally built as a streetcar suburb of Columbus. However, because of its strategic location, it was turned into a residential area. It received its name Grandview because the neighborhood can see a “grand view” of downtown Columbus from their place.

1. New Albany Country Club

Median home value: $1,140,000
Year developed: early 1990s
Population: 10,825 (as of 2020)
Land area: 11.2 sq miles2 (29 km2)

New Albany Country ClubImage source: Golf Pass

New Albany Country Club is the richest neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. The neighborhood features a stunning residential community with top-notched amenities and a luxurious lifestyle.

What’s so amazing about New Albany Country Club is its gorgeous golf course, which has attracted many players from around the world.

Of course, New Albany Country Club isn’t just about golf. They also have swimming pools, a modern fitness center, tennis courts, and a beautiful clubhouse where the residents hold their activities and celebrations.

You’ll love Albany Country Club’s strong sense of community. People in this place are engaged and actively participate in social events, clubs, and annual festivals.

Did you know?

The New Albany Country Club is a golf course designed by the legendary golf player Jack Nicklaus, a local resident. The world-class golf course features an 18-hole championship course, which is a perfect choice for both beginners and skilled players.


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