9 Most Expensive Houses in New Jersey

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New Jersey, a state in the Northeastern regions, might seem small on the map, but it has some of the most expensive houses on the United States market. Close to the New York City and Manhattan borough, New Jersey is a quieter part of the bustling Big Apple – ideal for a summer or retirement house. 

After being inhabited by Native Americans, Dutch and Swedish colonies founded the first European settlements in the 17th century. With their culture, many architectural themes were implemented as well, as their traces could be seen today through some of the older housing systems. 

Besides this, New Jersey has been named countless times as one of the best places to live in, as it is one of the safest and healthiest states in the nation. Maybe some might consider it for a fresh start, a retirement plan, or living with children, as it has exceptional school districts. 

“Little” New York with an affordable cost of living is a dream come true!

But before you start planning your future in one of these splendid mansions, check out this list of the nine most expensive houses in New Jersey!

9. 12 The Esplanade

Price: $15,088,000
City: Alpine
Size: 11,117 sqft
Rooms: 7 beds/10 bathrooms
12 The Esplanade
photo source: Gottre

This prominent 7-bedroom, 10-bathroom house is located in a low-taxes part of the Alpine borough in Bergen County. The 11,117 square feet area is enough for a pool with a cabana, a sports court, and a perfect backyard with a barbecue, ideal for a get-together with friends. 

The house is listed for $15,088,000, including the gated entry and a 3-car garage. But that’s not the best part – the estate is also minutes away from Manhattan! But before you go out, you can have fun in one of the largest home theaters in Bergen County with up to 30 seats or 100+ standing guest spots. 

Did you know?

Even though the house was built in 2003, it showcases luxury appliances, a stainless steel gourmet kitchen, with a custom-made wine bar. And if you would like to read in your library, 12 Esplanade house got you covered with a great library filled with worldwide literature.

8. 667 Estell Manor Road

Price: $15,900,000
City: Maurice River
Size: 2,442 Acres
Rooms: 6 beds/7 bathrooms
667 Estell Manor Road
photo source: Zillow

Completely renovated in 2018, this country Manor has been on the market for almost a year, listed for  $15,900,000. The three houses, spreading over 2,442 acres of land, might not look modern when you stand outside, but the furniture inside is up to date.

Besides this, the house offers barns, stables, kennels, and equestrian training facilities, an ideal farm for those who love and train horses. And since animals love to go for a walk, there is a horse riding trail around the estate, as well as needed hay barns, multiple swimming pools, and even a racetrack. 

Did you know?

The house is in Maurice River Township, known for rich fishing, boating, and oysters. Some say it’s an ideal retirement place with comfortable estates and quiet neighborhoods. And what’s better than an elegant Manor with quality kitchen, living room, and bedroom details?

7. 18 Clay Court

Price: $17,500,000
City: Middletown Township
Size: 17,425 sqft
Rooms: 6 beds/9 bathrooms
18 Clay Court
photo source: Realtor

Some might think a mansion of this size has been on the market for too long. 18 Clay Court-house, also called Villa Paradiso, is located at the Amalfi Coast and East Coast intersection, with a great landscape and an even better Navesink River view. The 17,000+ square feet Villa is currently listed for $17,500,000

The Mansion offers a specialized library, a custom Italian Kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, an 18-seat dining room area, and wooden details around the spacious rooms. Like a few other houses on the list, 18 Clay Court Mansion has an elevator to the second floor. 

Did you know?

The second floor is a sight on its own where you could have a complete Master Wing with a private terrace and a modernized gym to yourself. One elevator trip down to the basement takes you to the 1,500-bottle wine cellar and a custom nautilus bar with a Billiard and recreation area.

6. 2517-19 Wesley Avenue

Price: $17,696,000
City: Ocean City
Size: 7,661 sqft
Rooms: 12 beds/12 bathrooms
2517-19 Wesley Avenue
photo source: Realtor

“The most prestigious home built on the Goldcoast” is a 12-bedroom and 12-bathroom house with a fantastic ocean view. The waterfront summer house was built in 2020 as a duplex house, with furniture dressed in white and light wood. It has one garage space and multi-zoned heating and cooling systems.

The duplex has been on the market for the last couple of months, listed for $17,696,000. The house was furnished with extraordinary appliances, top-to-bottom windows, and a custom glass breakfront. Even with the visible shoreline, the backyard includes a pool and a gas fireplace, ideal for cozy barbecue evenings. 

Did you know?

The most exciting house parts are the hardwood floors, two private elevators, and an extended dock. One option is to buy one condo and rent the other, as it has excellent rental history. The 2nd-floor condo generated over $250,000 in rental income in 2021 alone. It is a stellar investment for long-term living. 

5. 105 Cedar Avenue

Price: $20,000,000
City: Allenhurst
Size: 7,870 sqft
Rooms: 8 beds/9 bathrooms
105 Cedar Avenue
photo source: Douglas Elliman

The youngest listing on this list is 105 Cedar Avenue house, which has been on sale for less than 20 days. The white colonial house has 7,870 square feet and is one of the largest estates in Allenhurst town. Listed as a single-family house, it is selling for $20 million

As a short-standing house, it offers brand-new everything – from the custom gourmet kitchen to stainless appliances, spacious living room, and open-flow ground floor. Besides this, the colonial dream has eight bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms, with a finished basement that overlooks the Atlantic.

Did you know?

Allenhurst borough is known for its wealthy communities and many historical places ideal for a visit. But this $20 million house offers a modern twist on the well-known style. Cedar Avenue pays homage to a simpler time with long-lasting, minimalistic homes.

4. 318-322 Route 537

Price: $24,900,000
City: Colts Neck
Size: 25,000 sqft
Rooms: 7 beds/8 bathrooms
318-322 Route 537
photo source: Douglas Elliman

Nestled in Colts Neck, this grandiose Mansion spreads over 25,000 square feet, with 160 Acres of property. 318 to 322 Route single-family house was built in 2007 and has been on the market for about a month, listed for a price of almost $25 million

The main house offers spectacular features, a 3,500-bottle wine cellar, and a 12-seat movie theater. What could sell the house is the horse farm which takes almost all of the estate, dedicated to caring about your horses. The farm has all the necessary equipment for breeding, racing, and horse housing. 

Did you know?

This 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom house has an artisan-crafted interior, with spacious rooms and a lot of natural light passing through the large windows. The formal dining area has a 24-seat dining table, ideal for large families welcoming their friends, a gourmet kitchen, and lavish bedrooms. 

3. 417-423 Princeton Avenue

Price: $25,000,000
City: Brick
Size: 28,113 sqft
Rooms: 16 beds/23 bathrooms
417-423 Princeton Avenue
photo source: Douglas Elliman

The third property on this list is not a single house but a complex of three houses, all listed for sale. Princeton Avenue is a desired location along the Jersey Shore, and three houses for the price of one is a great deal. It has 28,113 square feet of used space spread over 2,23 acres. 

With 16 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms combined, three families or friends could move in and live as neighbors. All three properties have eight separate garages and turquoise gunite pools. This property is a stellar investment with stunning landscapes and a beach a walk away. 

Did you know?

A custom to luxurious houses is private entryways, balconies, and an extended dock for each estate, as well as expensive furniture, high ceilings, details in granite and marble, and fireplace mantles. 417, 419, and 423 Princeton Avenue waterfront estates are available for $25,000,000.

2. 48 Rio Vista Drive

Price: $25,000,000
City: Alpine
Size: 25,700 sqft
Rooms: 7 beds/12 bathrooms
48 Rio Vista Drive
photo source: Realtor

This single-family house in one of the wealthiest parts of New Jersey is currently on the market for $25 million. The Mansion is under construction, but the realtor tours are still organized. Since the city is close to Manhattan, a “rare sanctuary” is less than 30 minutes from the NYC borough. 

Located on Rio Vista Drive, the architectural details are breathtaking. The house has lush landscaping and indoor plunge pools. For those more adventurous, there is a wine cellar and a billiards room to enjoy their free time. The house was initially listed for the same price in the second half of 2021. 

Did you know?

The 48 Rio Vista Mansion has an attached garage for multiple cars and central heating, which can come in handy for a house of this size. This fact can also mean extra expenses. But what’s the price to put on the Mansion of your dreams?

1. 18 Frick Drive

Price: $27,500,000
City: Alpine
Size: 27,546 sqft
Rooms: 12 beds/19 bathrooms
18 Frick Drive
photo source: Gottre

Considered the most expensive house ever on the New Jersey market, 18 Frick Drive Mansion was sold in April 2022. The 62-acre property went on the market in 2010 for $68 million, but the so-called “Stone Mansion” had trouble finding buyers until the price was cut to $27,500,000. 

It has 12 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, and 42 rooms, designed in black and white marble. The house was built in 2009 by Kamson Corporation CEO Richard Kurtz, who spent multi-millions of dollars to customize it to his taste, adding a spa, a basketball court, and a 4,000-bottle wine cellar. 

Did you know?

The most attractive feature is that it is only 8 miles from Manhattan, almost an afternoon walk away. Besides the mentioned rooms, the “Stone Mansion” has elevators to all levels of the house, a pool house with a kitchen, a heated driveway, and a 15-seat movie theater for fantastic movie nights!


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