8 Most Expensive Johnnie Walker Whisky Ever Produced

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The story of Johnnie Walker begins with Johnnie Walker himself. Johnnie (or simply “John” as he was first known) was born in 1805. After growing up on a farm in Scotland, John started a grocers shop in the town of Kilmarnock, Scotland. While running his shop, John started blending whiskies to produce more consistent flavors compared to his competitors.

By the time John died in 1857, his blended whiskies were very popular and his shop was thriving. John’s son took over the business and saw the opportunity to expand on his father’s whisky blending, so he started producing the drinks more formally and introduced the brand’s famous slanted label.

Today, Johnnie Walker whisky has a huge price range. At the top of the range, the brand’s whiskies feature expensive and rare ingredients that push the price point sky-high.

These are the top 8 most expensive Johnnie Walker whiskies in the world.

  1. 200th Anniversary Blue Label Scotch Whisky
  2. Price Per Bottle: $350
    Reason For Price: Rare ingredients
    Flavor Profile: Apples, brown sugar, and cocoa powder
    Interesting Fact: This whisky is 87.6-proof
    200th Anniversary Blue Label Scotch Whisky
    photo source: forbes.com

    This special 200th anniversary Scotch whisky was made exclusively using liquids sourced from distilleries that operated in 1820 — the same year John Walker started his shop in the town of Kilmarnock, Scotland.

    Those rare ingredients alone are enough to make 200th Anniversary Blue Label Scotch Whisky an expensive drink, but the line’s unique flavor profile probably boosted the price too. Although this blend features prominent notes of stewed apples, the finish offers hints of fresh cracked pepper and touches of Islay smoke.

    In the end, this expensive drink comes with a steep price tag of $350.

    Did you know?

    According to Forbes, Johnnie Walker is “the top-selling brand of blended scotch whisky” in the whole world, selling more than 223 million bottles yearly. That equates to over 80% of the overall Scotch market.

  3. Scotch King George V
  4. Price Per Bottle: $487.97
    Reason For Price: Expensive ingredients and limited availability
    Flavor Profile: Roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and sweet smokiness
    Interesting Fact: This blend is made from whiskies crafted in distilleries operating during King George V’s reign
    Scotch King George V
    photo source: winechateau.com

    This blend is crafted only using whiskies from distilleries operational during King George V’s reign. That means the drink’s ingredients date back between 1910 and 1936.

    Unlike many whiskies on this list, Scotch King George V offers a flavor profile that’s dominated by roasted nuts and dark chocolate rather than fruits.

    If you’re interested in trying this unique drink, be ready to drop quite a bit of cash. The blend comes with a price tag of about $500 — if you can find a bottle for sale.

    Did you know?

    On January 1, 1934, Johnnie Walker was awarded a Royal Warrant — establishing the brand as an official whisky supplier for the Royal Household. This blend commemorates that important moment in Johnnie Walker’s history.

  5. Blue Label Year of the Pig Limited Edition
  6. Price Per Bottle: $599.99
    Reason For Price: Limited availability and rare ingredients
    Flavor Profile: Dried fruits, citrus, and smoke
    Interesting Fact: This whisky features ingredients from “the four corners of Scotland.”
    Blue Label Year of the Pig Limited Edition
    photo source: delmesaliquor.com

    This limited-edition whisky celebrates “the generous character of the Pig” and offers notes of dried fruits, citrus, and smoke.

    Like other Johnnie Walker whiskies, Blue Label Year of the Pig Limited Edition includes rare ingredients that push the price way up. With handpicked single malt and grain whiskies from all over Scotland, this blend offers a unique aftertaste of smoky chocolate.

    At nearly $600 per bottle, this whisky is easily among the most expensive from Johnnie Walker’s catalog.

    Did you know?

    The flavors of this whisky are described as “a rolling wave,” transitioning from dominant notes of fruit to smoother notes of vanilla and smoky chocolate.

  7. Celebrity Old Edition
  8. Price Per Bottle: $741.85
    Reason For Price: Very limited availability
    Flavor Profile: Unknown
    Interesting Fact: This extremely rare drink was released in 1972
    Celebrity Old Edition
    photo source: drinksandco.com

    Celebrity Old Edition is one of the rarest Johnnie Walker whiskies out there. The drink was released in 1972 to celebrate the anniversary of the brand’s iconic Swing bottle. Just 1,462 bottles were made — making this one of the most elusive Johnnie Walker whiskies in the world.

    Today, rare bottles of the drink are estimated to be worth about $740, but that price can likely climb way higher given how hard it is to track down a bottle for sale.

    Info on the flavor profile of this whisky is limited because it’s so old. However, as a blended Scotch whisky, Celebrity Old Edition probably shares characteristics with other Johnnie Walker whiskies — including fruity notes backed up by touches of smoky vanilla.

    Did you know?

    By 1862, Johnnie Walker was selling an average of 100,000 gallons of whisky per year.

  9. The Midnight Blend
  10. Price Per Bottle: $750
    Reason For Price: Limited edition blend
    Flavor Profile: Butterscotch, caramel, and toffee
    Interesting Fact: This is a 28-year-old blend
    The Midnight Blend
    photo source: thespiritsbusiness.com

    The Midnight Blend is a 28-year-old whisky with notes of fruit and spice. The limited-edition drink came out in 2018, with just 3,888 bottles set for production. With such a limited supply, bottles of the Scotch whisky had a price tag of $750 — but that price is probably higher today thanks to even more limited availability.

    Although the malts and grains used for this Scotch whisky imparted some notes of fruit and spice, the Midnight Blend is said to feature prominent touches of butterscotch, caramel, and toffee.

    According to master blender Jim Beveridge, “Whiskies aged for 28 years are rare and very special…we were very lucky to have access to some of the most mature reserves drawn from the four corners of Scotland.”

    Did you know?

    This Scotch whisky has an ABV of 42.8%.

  11. John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition
  12. Price Per Bottle: $995
    Reason For Price: Limited availability and expensive ingredients
    Flavor Profile: Toffee, vanilla, American oak, and green apples
    Interesting Fact: This exclusive product is limited to 5,588 bottles
    John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition
    photo source: cocktailsandbars.com

    In 2017, John Walker & Sons — the prestige range from Johnnie Walker — released its latest limited-edition whisky. The exclusive line was limited to just 5,588 bottles, instantly making it more expensive. Interestingly, the bottles were individually numbered, which likely means the #1 bottle is a coveted find among whisky fans.

    Like other whiskies from Johnnie Walker, the Private Collection 2017 Edition features a complex flavor profile. Reviewers mention hints of American oak thanks to the oak casks the drink was stored in, but more subtle notes of vanilla, toffee, and even green apple come through in the background.

    Although this whisky isn’t as limited as some Johnnie Walker products, the limited run was enough to push the price tag past $900.

    Did you know?

    Reviewers recommend serving this whisky neat or with a few drops of cold water to “reveal the subtleties of layer upon layer” of flavor.

  13. 35 Year Port Ellen
  14. Price Per Bottle: $3,650
    Reason For Price: Age and exclusivity
    Flavor Profile: Smoke, sweet vanilla, and citrus
    Interesting Fact: A single serving of this whisky could cost close to $200
    35 Year Port Ellen
    photo source: forbes.com

    In 2017, Johnnie Walker introduced a series of ghost whiskies. In the world of whisky, “ghost whiskies” refers to ingredients sourced from distilleries that have ceased operations. As a result, the series (which included Port Ellen) has a very limited supply — and the price reflects that. Depending on the bar, a single serving of this exclusive whisky can cost nearly $200.

    35 Year Port Ellen offers a smoky overtone followed by sweeter notes like vanilla and citrus. Interestingly, Port Ellen has a relatively low ABV, measuring 43.8%. That may be high in some contexts, but it’s on the low-end compared to other Johnnie Walker whiskies.

    According to one reviewer, Port Ellen “takes its time to unfold,” slowly revealing flavors in the minutes after your first sip.

    Did you know?

    All five of the rare malts in Port Ellen are at least 20 years old.

  15. Master’s Edition
  16. Price Per Bottle: $25,000
    Reason For Price: Age and limited availability
    Flavor Profile: Blackcurrants, citrus, and dark chocolate
    Interesting Fact: This is Johnnie Walker’s first 50-year-old whisky
    Master’s Edition
    photo source: forbes.com

    Master’s Edition is the most expensive Johnnie Walker whisky.

    This exclusive whisky has a price tag of $25,000 and is limited to just 100 bottles. According to Johnnie Walker, the flavor profile features blackcurrants and citrus before transitioning to darker notes of chocolate and a slight smokiness.

    As the first 50-year-old whisky produced by the brand, Master’s Edition earned a special status among whiskies in general. According to John Williams, Johnnie Walker’s brand director, “Fifty-year-old whiskies are very rare.”

    Johnnie Walker sourced malts from Glen Albyn, Blair Athol, and other distilleries. Grain whiskies from three distilleries were gathered and blended with the malts in a special cask to produce this $25,000 drink

    Did you know?

    This whisky is 43.2% ABV.


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