8 Most Expensive Cakes From Around the World

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The average cake from the average bakery costs about $30 while the average wedding cake costs around $350. Not to slight those offerings, but the cakes on this list put them all to shame. These are the most expensive cakes ever sold, ever made, and ever eaten. We included one listing that you can buy while the others are the dazzling record-holders that at one point in time have been able to claim the title of the world’s most expensive desserts.

  1. Still the One
  2. Price: $9,999
    Maker: Deerfields Bakery
    Layers: Unknown
    Still the One
    photo source: Deerfields Bakery

    Still the One is not one of the most expensive cakes ever made, as we’ll be exploring in the rest of this list. However, it’s the priciest that you can buy online. This wedding cake by Deerfields Bakery pairs amazing creamy textures with phenomenal fondant and an eye for symmetry.

    This cake costs $9,999 and even though this multi-layer masterpiece is sold in the store of an online bakery, they are each handmade by Deerfields bakers.

    Did you know?

    Deerfields Bakery is better known for cheap designer cakes that sell for around $30-$40. These include stunning strawberry shortcakes, fresh fruit tarts, birthday cakes, banana custard cakes, and more.

  3. Diamond Chocolate Cake
  4. Price: $850,000
    Maker: Masami Miyamoto
    Layers: 1
    Diamond Chocolate Cake
    photo source: Fundabook

    A pastry chef out of Japan named Masami Miyamoto made the Diamond Chocolate Cake for the Christmas season. Unlike many of the cakes on this list, this one was not made to be eaten at a special event or to commemorate a happy occasion. Instead, it was baked and decorated for the storefront of the Takashimaya department store in Osaka in Japan to dazzle customers. They could have bought it but preferred to look at its splendiferous chocolate fondant beauty instead. It’s still preserved in the storefront.

    The Diamond Chocolate Cake has 100 large diamonds studding its frosty surface, totaling 50 carats in total. Miyamoto designed the cake’s décor based on a tree with branching beauty, ending in beautiful fruit. It doesn’t have the traditional layered sponge of the normal geometric cake.

    Did you know?

    For most of the cakes on this list, the exorbitant price tags translate to more and more cake, some weighing thousands of pounds and encompassing a dozen cake layers. By contrast, the Diamond Chocolate Cake is only 14 inches tall, a petite little jeweled masterpiece.

  5. Tokyo Luster Dust Cake
  6. Price: $1,300,000
    Maker: Diamond Trading Company
    Layers: Unknown
    Tokyo Luster Dust Cake
    photo source: The Rich Times

    The Tokyo Luster Dust Cake is made from ivory fondant and decorated with elaborate shining lines of floral and other decorative patterns made of edible silver dust. In addition, there are hundreds of diamonds studding the design all over this 160-pound creation out of Tokyo, Japan.

    One of the things that makes the Tokyo Luster Dust Cake unique, other than the silver dust for which it got its name and the $1.3 million price tag, is that the cake was exhibited like a piece of art, which is not common for desserts that are made to be eaten, even at this price level.

    Did you know?

    Silver powder for cakes, also known as shimmer powder or luster dust, is a type of food glitter made from sterling pearl and other edible pearlescent coloring. It can be bought cheaply but when used right, it adds a real sparkle to gourmet dessert creations (and sounds amazing on the label too).

  7. Luxury Bridal Show Cake
  8. Price: $20,000,000
    Maker: Nahid Parsa
    Layers: 8
    Luxury Bridal Show Cake
    photo source: Mom Blog Society

    A Luxury Bridal Show Cake made by Nahid Parsa takes this spot on our list for costing $20,000,000, or $2.5 million per layer, if you want to think of it that way. She’s been creating these incredible baked pieces for La Patisserie Artistique Cake Boutique. This particular cake has gorgeous icing roses traveling up its 8-layer construction to a little bouquet on top.

    The value, as with so many cakes on this list, is not just the pastry but the bling. This cake is dusted in gold leaf and studded with a generous helping of large, precious diamonds, adorning the cake’s bottommost layer. This masterwork had to be guarded by armed security before being cut because of its value.

    Did you know?

    You may notice the intricately designed constructions in the cakes of Nahid Parsa and you’d be right to do so! Parsa trained as an architect before pursuing her passion in pastry design. She’s been making these custom cakes inspired by French cuisine but informed from her complex architectural reasoning. She’s been baking out of Beverly Hills for 30+ years.

  9. Diamond Gala Cake
  10. Price: $30,000,000
    Maker: Buddy Valastro
    Layers: 7
    Diamond Gala Cake
    photo source: Haute Living

    Here’s a cake that was made for TV. The finale of the TLC show, Cake Boss, introduced the world to this monstrously expensive cake known as the Diamond Gala Cake, which gets its name for more than just its glittery icing. This piece of dessert art is “caked” in jewels, including expensive emeralds, sapphires, and flawless diamonds. There are even a few rubies hiding in there.

    Devorah, the bachelorette famous for her media influence as much as for the world’s most expensive cake (at the time), ordered this to be made as lavishly as possible. It was baked by Buddy Valastro and his bakery family and cost $30,000,000.

    Did you know?

    The Italian baker Buddy Valastro owns Carlo’s Bakery and Buddy V’s Ristorante, though he’s most famous for being the star of Cake Boss since 2009 and for making this incredible $30 million creation.

  11. Pirates Fantasy Cake
  12. Price: $35,000,000
    Maker: Dimuthu Kumarasinghe
    Layers: 10
    Pirates Fantasy Cake
    photo source: Facebook

    Chef D.K., whose full name is Dimuthu Kumarasinghe, crafted the Pirates Fantasy Cake as part of his job as a Group Skills Development Chef for the Aiken Spence Hotels Heritance Resorts. The cake comprises ten layers as well as ten bits of jewelry befitting a pirate trove, including jeweled tie pins, brooches, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more.

    Each layer of cake has a different flavor, making the Pirates Fantasy a bounty not only of jewels but of tastes as well. It was made and sold for $35,000,000, making it the most expensive cake in the world at the time.

    Did you know?

    The flavors of the Pirates Fantasy Cake are as varied and colorful as any pirate could want. They include but are not limited to rosemary, cinnamon, coconut meringue, white chocolate, walnut, pineapple, pumpkin, walnut, lemon, cheese, almond, pistachio, and even zucchini.

  13. National Gay Wedding Show Cake
  14. Price: $52,700,000
    Maker: CAKE Bakery
    Layers: 8
    National Gay Wedding Show Cake
    photo source: Fundabook

    This cake known as the National Gay Wedding Show Cake has the distinction of being the most expensive wedding cake in the world. It has eight layers and over 4,000 precious diamonds, befitting a cake made to commemorate the millions celebrating the occasion.

    A bakery in Chester, England called CAKE Bakery made the cake for the wedding show on March 3, 2013, which took place in Liverpool. This five-foot masterpiece of sponge and designer icing may be cheating a little bit with the excessive diamonds jacking up its price, but it still isn’t the most expensive cake ever made!

    Did you know?

    The National Gay Wedding Show is more than a program in the UK – it’s a full-blown institution that connects same-sex couples with a global network of social enterprises. They use a system called “Pink Approved” to designate vendors, suppliers, and other businesses who are devoted to providing services without taking sexual orientation into account. The network combines into a profitable collective that includes the popular wedding show and the world’s most expensive wedding cake.

  15. Runway Cake
  16. Price: $75,000,000
    Maker: Debbie Wingham
    Layers: N/A
    Runway Cake
    photo source: Reddit

    The most expensive cake is the Runway Cake. This cake was created by Debbie Wingham, a British designer and baker who also created a wedding dress worth nearly $18,000,000. For this magnificent cake, made for the birthday and engagement party of the daughter of an unknown mogul from the United Arab Emirates, Wingham outdid herself.

    The cake is an edible sculpture of a runway show and is six feet long. The fondant and decorative toppings alone weigh 250 pounds, on a cake that weighs about 1,000 pounds in total. It took Wingham over 1,100 hours to make the cake, but since she charged $75,000,000 for it, that’s a pretty impressive wage. That’s about $68,000 an hour, minus the cost of the materials.

    Did you know?

    In addition to the cake itself, the sculpted people are adorned with jewels that hike the price of this incredible cake. These include a 6.4-carat yellow diamond, a 5.2-carat pink diamond, and 15 white diamonds that weigh 5 carats each.

The Takeaway

These incredible cakes are more than edible creations. They are expressions of culinary art. Some have so many precious stones on them that they could practically be considered edible jewelry. You may not be able to taste these amazing cakes but hopefully you enjoyed this breakdown of them.


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