10 Rarest & Most Expensive PS4 Games Ever

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Collecting video games has been a popular hobby since they first went mainstream in the 1970s. Since then, countless titles have been released across all of the various platforms. The PS4 came out back in 2013, but is still one of the most popular consoles out there. In fact, the PS4 is the second best-selling home console in the world ever, after the PlayStation 2.

Since the PS4 is so popular, PS4 game collectors are a pretty large community. Beginning around 2014, indie game publishers began releasing limited run editions of physical PS4 games. Some of the rarest of these indie games are on this list. While the physical editions of these PS4 games are rare, all of them are currently available as digital copies.

As of June 2021, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed.

  1. Tamashii
  2. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: Unknown for sure
    Release Date: October 31, 2020
    Developer: Vikintor
    Publisher: Limited Rare Games
    Current Price for a Copy: $650 to $2,000 on eBay
    photo source: Limited Game News

    More than a year after Limited Rare Games caught PS4 game collectors off guard, the deeply mysterious indie game publisher suddenly popped up again around Halloween 2020. This time, Limited Rare Games was peddling a game called Tamashii, which is based on obscure Japanese games from the 80s and 90s. Unlike the Poop Slinger situation, which is on this list, Limited Rare Games did not collaborate with Tamashii’s developer, Vikintor. According to game blogs that reached out to Vikintor, he had no idea that Limited Rare was making physical copies of his game. Vikintor even told people not to purchase a copy until he could confirm with his digital publisher, Digerati.

    Like the Poop Slinger release, the Tamashii release turned out to be legitimate and people did receive their copy of the game. Once again, Limited Run Games went offline after the sale and no one has any clue what the company’s goal really is and who is running things.

    Did you know?

    When the sale of Tamashii ended, Limited Run Games tweeted that around 90 copies of the game were sold, but most people are convinced a much higher number was purchased as several people said they bought multiple copies.

  3. Rez Infinite
  4. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: Undisclosed Print Number
    Release Date: October 2016
    Developer: United Game Artists
    Publisher: iam8bit
    Current Price for a Copy: $45 to $160 on eBay
    Rez Infinite
    photo source: Limited Game News

    Rez Inifinte is an expanded version of the original Rez game, which came out way back in 2002 on the Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. Rez is a musical rail-shooter that has been enduringly popular and well-loved in the gaming community. Because Rez is so old copies of the game were very hard to come by until 2016 when Rez Infinite was released. A limited number of physical copies of Rez Infinite were released exclusively through iam8bit’s website. Rez Infinite was also virtual reality-compatible and was co-developed and released through 2016, 2017, and 2020 by Enhance Games, Resonair and Monstars for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Oculus Quest.

    Did you know?

    In December 2020, iam8bit released the definitive and final version of Rez Infinite, dubbed Rez Infinite: Eco-Forward Edition, that has all of the game’s content and also features 100% Post-Consumer Waste Material Case, eco-friendly shrink wrap called Biolefin, and non-toxic, 0% VOC inks; foldout poster is printed on 100% Recyclable Paper Stocks from sustainable sources; and the whole thing is 100% recyclable.

  6. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 2,000 standard cover and 1,000 alternative cover
    Release Date: June 12, 2017
    Developer: Pixel Titans
    Publisher: Special Reserve Games
    Current Price for a Copy: $27 to $125 on eBay
    photo source: Special Reserve Games

    STRAFE was a successful crowdsourced game that raised $207,000 of a $185,000 goal on Kickstarter. It is a first-person shooter based on 1990s first-person shooter games like Quae and Doom. STRAFE was first showcased in 2015 and came out to digital platforms in the Spring of 2017. Indie game publisher, Special Reserve Games released 2,000 physical copies of STRAFE. This was Special Reserve’s first release. In addition to the Special Reserve copies, Limited Run Games also released 1,000 copies of Strafe with a different cover. The release of STRAFE was the first time that Special Reserve and Limited Run Games collaborated.

    Did you know?

    An updated Gold Edition of STRAFE was released in 2020 and features a New Game Plus mode, as well as a long list of bug fixes, balance tweaks, and optimizations.

  7. Tokyo 42
  8. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 2,600 produced and sold
    Release Date: November 11, 2017
    Developer: SMAC Games
    Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
    Current Price for a Copy: $65 to $70 on eBay
    Tokyo 42
    photo source: Strictly Limited Games

    Tokyo 42 came out in 2017 and was developed by SMAC Games for the Microsoft Windows and XBOX One. The digital PS4 release came out over the summer and in November, Strictly Limited Games manufactured and sold 2,600 physical copies of Tokyo 42. This was Strictly Limited’s very first physical game release.

    Did you know?

    Music is important for the setting of Tokyo 42 and an official two part soundtrack created by Beat Vince was released with the game

  9. Retro City Rampage DX
  10. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 2,000 produced and sold
    Release Date: December 2014
    Developer: Vblank Entertainment
    Publisher: Vblank Entertainment
    Current Price for a Copy: $200 to $300 on eBay
    Retro City Rampage DX
    photo source: Vblank Entertainment

    Retro City Rampage DX was one the very first games on the PS4 to receive a limited run. Some people in the PS4 community believe that the game’s developer/publisher, Vblank Entertainment, may have started the limited run craze. Originally released in 2012 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Retro City Rampage is a pretty popular indie game that is a parody of retro games as well as 80s and 90s pop culture.

    In 2014, Vblank decided to re-release the game as Retro City Rampage DX onto newer platforms. Vblank also made 2,000 physical copies of the game for the PS4 and they sold out. A few years later, in 2019, Vblank released 3,000 copies of Retro City Rampage DX for the PS Vita.

    Did you know?

    In an homage to its 80s and 90s influence, an MS-DOS version titled Retro City Rampage 486 was released on July 29, 2015, as a limited physical run on a floppy disk as well as a free digital download for owners of modern computer version of the game.

  11. Futuridium EP Deluxe
  12. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 2,000 produced and sold
    Release Date: May 9, 2016
    Developer: MixedBag
    Publisher: Limited Run Games
    Current Price for a Copy: $35 to $50 according to pricecharting.com
    Futuridium EP Deluxe
    photo source: Limited Run Games

    Futuridium EP Deluxe is another game released during Limited Run Games’ early days. The game is a shoot em’ up heavily influenced by the Commodore 64 title Uridium and the Star Fox series. Limited Run made and sold 2,000 copies of Futuridium EP Deluxe for the PS4 and another 2,000 copies for the PS Vita. To make sure that copies of Futuridium EP Deluxe went to serious game collectors, Limited Run Games limited customers to one copy of the game per platform and canceled any orders trying to get more.

  13. The Coma: Recut Limited Edition
  14. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 2,000 produced and sold
    Release Date: January 12, 2018
    Developer: Devespresso Games
    Publisher: Play-Asia
    Current Price for a Copy: $150 to $224 on eBay
    The Coma: Recut Limited Edition
    photo source: Play-Asia

    The Coma: Cutting Class is an indie cult classic from Korea originally released in 2015. A few years later digital copies of a remastered edition titled The Coma: Recut were released onto every major platform around the world. For game avid physical game collectors, Play-Asia, which releases physical copies of Asian games in the West, released The Coma: Recut Limited Edition for the PS4 in early 2018. Play-Asia produced 2,000 copies and sold them worldwide.

    Did You Know?

    The Coma: Recut Limited Edition came with a collector’s box, the game disc, game manual, soundtrack CD, and a certificate with unique serial number.

  15. Saturday Morning RPG
  16. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 1,980 produced and sold
    Release Date: January 2, 2016
    Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios
    Publisher: Limited Run Games
    Current Price for a Copy: $60 to $200 according to pricecharting.com
    Saturday Morning RPG
    photo source: Limited Run Games

    Saturday Morning RPG was the very first PS4 game that Limited Run Games ever released. It was also their second-ever game, after Breach & Clear in 2015. At the time, Limited Run Games was pretty new on the indie game publishing scene and not that many people were paying attention to what they were doing. Limited Run Games has since become known for its limited physical copy releases.

    Because it was Limited Run’s first PS4 title, Saturday Morning RPG is one of the publisher’s most sought after games. Copies of the game do not come up for sale very often as PS4 game collectors have been holding onto their Limited Run Games titles.

    Did You Know?

    Saturday Morning RPG has a 1980s theme, which is why there were only 1,980 copies of the game available.

  17. Gryphon Knight Epic
  18. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 999 produced and sold
    Release Date: December 17, 2017
    Developer: Cyber Rhino Studios
    Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
    Current Price for a Copy: $375 to $450 for an unopened copy on eBay
    Gryphon Knight Epic
    photo source: Strictly Limited Games

    Gryphon Knight Epic was originally released in late 2017 by Strictly Limited Games, which was a fairly new indie game publisher at the time. Only 999 physical copies of Gryphon Knight Epic were available and the game sold out. The original price of Gryphon Knight Epic was only €24.99, but now unopened copies of the game are being listed on eBay for a few hundred dollars.

    Did You Know?

    At the end of November 2020, Strictly Limited Games released a limited run of Gryphon Knight Epic: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. There were 2,400 copies of the standard game sold along with 600 copies of the game bundled with a physical copy of the game’s soundtrack.

  19. Poop Slinger
  20. Number of Copies Sold or Produced: 84 copies sold (1,000 produced)
    Release Date: April 1, 2019
    Developer: Diggidy.net
    Publisher: Limited Rare Games
    Current Price for a Copy: Unopened copy listed on eBay for €11,300 (about $13,698); opened copy listed for $6,000
    Poop Slinger
    photo source: Amazon

    Currently, Poop Slinger is the rarest PS4 game ever with only 84 physical copies produced and sold. Poop Slinger was originally released on digital platforms in 2018 by a little developer only known as diggidy.net. The weird poop-slinging game didn’t make any waves until the following year when Diggidy.net partnered with publisher Limited Rare Games to release physical copies of Poop Slinger.

    Limited Rare Games set the collaboration in motion and Sony’s minimum quantity of 1,000 copies were produced – 820 copies of Poop Slinger were up for sale. For whatever reason, Limited Rare Games, which was supposedly run by a singular Russian person, chose April 1, 2019 as Poop Slinger’s release date and hoped to move all 820 copies to repay the loan they took out to produce the game. Unfortunately, only 84 copies of Poop Slinger were sold.

    Of course, with the April Fool’s Day release date, many people thought the whole Poop Slinger situation was a joke. However, Limited Rare Games held up its end of the deal and actually sent out all 84 copies and Diggidy.net was paid and confirmed that the physical copies were legit. To this day, no one knows for sure what was up with Limited Rare Games and their first and only game release. Following the release of Poop Slinger and some interviews, Limited Rare Games went completely offline. Since then, copies of Poop Slinger have popped up on eBay asking for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

    Did You Know?

    One of the biggest reasons that so many people were convinced Poop Slinger’s physical release was an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke was that Limited Rare Games was imitating Limited Run Games, one of the best known limited print run companies. Limited Run Games said that it was not involved with Poop Slinger in any capacity.


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