11 Rarest Bakugans You Can Collect

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The late 00s and early 10s were a memorable time to be a kid due to the unique toys and stellar cartoons. It was also amusing for parents with tween children, who probably had to, at least once, watch Adventure Time or play with Bakugans.

Bakugan refers to a video game, TV show, strategy game, and collectible game pieces. The characters from the series became a craze among kids in the U.S. and Canada, encouraging creators to develop Bakugan toys.

They created cards and balls for the strategy game, and these were initially sold together. The manufacturers, Spin Master, made these collectibles more enticing by continuously adding new sets of toys, making some of them exclusive to specific stores, and introducing promotional gifts. As a result, collectors who possess rare and well-kept Bakugan items can sell them for up to $300.

Keep reading and discover the rarest Bakugans.

  1. B1 Terrorclaw
  2. Estimated price: $20
    Rarity: Rare
    Attribute: Aquos, Haos, Pyrus, Subterra
    Current Power Level: 300
    B1 Terrorclaw
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Spin Master produced the Terrorclaw figurines in limited batches, making this crab-like Bakugan hard to find. This toy weighs 45 g, and players can buy it in all attributes except Ventus.

    Terrorclaw has six legs, making him one of the fastest Bakugans, and it also has two powerful, large pincers he uses to squeeze and destroy his enemies. The creators introduced this character in Bakugan the Battle Begins episode, and Runo Misaki’s Haos Terrorclaw was the first of her Bakugan who went to the afterlife called Doom dimension.

    Did you know?

    This toy allows players to use Ability Cards – Dive Mirage and Water Refrain. These two enable them to leverage the standard Aquos ability and move Terrorclaw into any Gate Card they want and nullify it or block the enemy’s ability from activating for some time.

  3. Dharak Colossus
  4. Estimated price: $25
    Rarity: Rare
    Attribute: Aquos, Haos, Pyrus, Subterra
    Current Power Level: 300
    Dharak Colossus
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Dharak Colossus is the ultimate weapon of the four-legged dragon-like creature called Dharak. This item combines various battle gears from the Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders season and develops a machine that resembles a scorpion and increases Dharak’s combat power. 

    The toy has various parts, and all have a different G-Power. For example, Riptor has 100 Gs, Smashtor has 80 Gs, and Brawlacus Dharak has 750 Gs.

    Did you know?

    Although one can find Dharak Colossus for as little as $16, a new-in-box item goes as high as $130. Moreover, this figurine might also be the first form of the Bakugan Battle Suit, as they use the same body extensions. 

  5. Manion
  6. Estimated price: $30
    Rarity: Rare
    Attribute: Haos, Pyrus, Subterra, Ventus
    Current Power Level: 350
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Manion is a combination of a sphinx and manticore and has gigantic wings and four paws with razor-sharp claws. It is a mysterious creature with a slender and elegant body and face that uses its remarkable wingspan to prey on its enemies from above. 

    Multiple brawlers, including Chan Lee, Julie, Billie, Akira, Runo, Klaus, and Dan, had Manion Bakugan with different attributes. This toy weighs 85 g, and it’s challenging to find it in good condition due to its limited availability. 

    Did you know?

    Manion is only available in the Toys R US version of the Bakugan Video Game, and the pack includes Ravenoid. Moreover, its Ability Card Amon Ray likely references the Egyptian god, Amun-Re.

  7. Siege
  8. Estimated price: $35
    Rarity: Rare
    Attribute: Haos, Pyrus, Aquos, Darkus
    Current Power Level: 400
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    A knight-like Bakugan, Siege is among the most beloved characters and can save players when the brawl goes wrong. He uses its cape to fly and protect and has a lance that includes various blade tips. 

    This Bakugan has a suit of armor that keeps him safe and makes him more intimidating to his opponents. Players can also use various Ability Cards with Siege, including Tsunami Wave, Aquos Javelin, and Water Refrain. 

    Did you know?

    Although Jenny’s Siege is often portrayed as the lowest power level among Bakugans with 90 Gs, that might be because her Power Level was only seen once. However, her Power Level might as well be 290 or 390 G. 

  9. B1 Haos Hynoid
  10. Estimated price: $40
    Rarity: Rare
    Attribute: Haos, Subterra
    Current Power Level: 360
    B1 Haos Hynoid
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Bakugans from the series B1 were released in a smaller size (28mm) unlike B2 (32mm), making these toys hard to find. This Haos version Hynoid weighs 400 g and comes with gold lines on its wings that represent the thunders he creates to attack its opponents. 

    Hynoid is a Bakugan that resembles a hyena in a humanoid body and has wolf-like characteristics. It’s among the fastest characters, making it nearly impossible to outrun him. 

    Did you know?

    A Perfect Match is the first appearance of Subterra Hynoid and the 10th episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. However, it first appears as Haos Subterra in episode 32 and combats Lars Linon on Runo’s behalf. 

  11. BakuFusion Balista
  12. Estimated price: $150
    Rarity: Very rare
    Attribute: Aquos
    Current Power Level: N/A
    BakuFusion Balista
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Balista is a Bakugan that can mesh with Worton and form Volkaos, a peculiar creature with crab-like limbs. This toy weighs 970 g, and collectors hoping to add it to their collection will likely struggle to find it.

    Balista is a crab-like critter and a formidable fighter. This antagonist likes to see other Bakugans in pain but treats Worton respectfully and refers to him as all-knowing

    Did you know?

    Although most Aquos Bakugans are known for their water-based attacks, Balista uses ice. He is also unique due to staying silent during battles, unlike other Nonets. 

  13. Spider-Man Bakugan
  14. Estimated price: $200
    Rarity: Extremely rare
    Attribute: Pyrus
    Current Power Level: 970
    Spider-Man Bakugan
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    The ball form of this toy includes a tiny Spider-Man symbol and transforms into a figurine swiftly. The item weighs 950 g and is a part of the Bakugan vs. Marvel special toy line from 2011. 

    The creators revealed the figurine at the New York Toy Fair, and it quickly became the favorite Bakugan of many fans. It’s beyond challenging to find this toy nowadays, especially in good conditions. 

    Did you know?

    Spider-Man Bakugan is a re-customization of Razenoid, but he’s not the only beloved character that Marvel and Spin Master turned into a Bakugan figurine. Hence, fans can also find Bakugan Wolverine, Red Skull, Captain America, and Iron Man. 

  15. Darkus Translucent Hydranoid
  16. Estimated price: $260
    Rarity: Very rare
    Attribute: Darkness
    Current Power Level: 450
    Darkus Translucent Hydranoid
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    This single-headed translucent Hydranoid is a highly valuable and remarkable Alpha Bakugan that weighs 500 g. This character started as Masquerade’s Guardian Bakugan (favorite Bakugan of a Bakugan brawler) but later evolved into Alpha Hydranoid.

    This four-legged dragon has a long and mighty tail he uses to attack his enemies. His ball form also has a captivating, translucent design with three purple spikes, making this character powerful in brawling.

    Did you know?

    Darkus Hydranoid is only available in the Masquerade Brawler Evolution Pack and is a Walmart exclusive. However, collectors can also find it as a Baku Legacy in the Mechtanium Surge Baku Trinity Pack.

  17. Katapultra
  18. Estimated price: N/K
    Rarity: Extremely rare
    Attribute: No information available
    Current Power Level: No information available
    photo source: bakugan.wiki

    Katapultra is among the hardest to find Bakugans due to being among the EU-exclusive BakuBlasters. This figurine belongs to the Mechtanium Surge season, and there’s not much information about it online, highlighting its rarity. 

    It is a snake-like Bakuga with wings and a shiny crystal on its head. The toy also launches two mini disc projectiles once placed on a Gate Card. The next step is to add mini disc G-Power and Bakugan G-Power correspondingly. 

    Did you know?

    BakuBlaster is an EU-UK Bakugan edition and launches a G-Power Bonus disc when a player activates the Bakugan. They’re typically bigger than regular Bakugans and include one Metal Gate Card, one Ability Card, once Baku Blaster, and two projectile discs. 

  19. Gold Fear Ripper
  20. Estimated price: $400
    Rarity: Extremely rare
    Attribute: Haos
    Current Power Level: 310
    Gold Fear Ripper
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Fear Ripper has a humanoid form and sharp, large claws that enable him to slash and cut his opponents. This character is also a powerful chameleon that transforms into earth, fire, water, light, dark, and wind without revealing its identity. 

    However, Gold Fear Ripper is a part of the limited edition, and manufacturers only produced 300. These toys were also sold as keychains. 

    Did you know?

    Fear Ripper is available across all attributes in the first video game. Therefore, collectors can find Fear Rippers in other colors (red, blue, black, and translucent) for a lower price, as these figurines are more common than the gold ones. 

  21. Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  22. Estimated price: $500
    Rarity: Extremely rare
    Attribute: Pyrus
    Current Power Level: 970
    Captain America
    photo source: bakugan.fandom.com

    Captain America is the rarest Bakugan and another figurine from the 2011 Bakugan vs. Marvel collaboration. This toy resembles Contestir and, like Spider-Man, weighs 950 g. 

    It has superior agility, speed, endurance, and strength. In its ball form, Captain America looks sleek and includes its logo. Thus, it transforms into a figurine fast, demonstrating its capability.

    It isn’t the only version of Captain America that Spin Master and Marvel created. Most collectors also aspire to include the Bucky Barnes variation into their collection, as that figurine uses a pistol and combat knife beside the shield. 

    Did you know?

    Bakugan toys were a memorable trend and a must-have for most tweens at the beginning of the last decade. – No wonder they won the Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year Award in 2009.

    But even though time has passed, and new anime and gadgets appeared, people still collect Bakugan items or keep them as a memory of a more carefree period. As a result, these toys are highly sought-after and numerous fans globally, regardless of age and gender.


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