Exploring the 10 Most Expensive Rug Sales in History

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The world of rugs is not just about utility and decor; it’s an arena where art, history, and luxury intertwine to create masterpieces that are as valuable as they are beautiful. From ancient Persian carpets to modern artistic creations, rugs have long been a symbol of status, wealth, and cultural heritage.

This article delves into the fascinating realm of the most expensive rugs ever sold, showcasing pieces that have fetched astronomical prices at auctions around the globe. 

The Clark Sickle-Leaf Rug

Image Editorial Credit: Sotheby’s / Wikimedia Commons

Sold for an astounding $33.7 million, this 17th-century Persian carpet stands out for its unique sickle-leaf design, vibrant colors, and rarity, making it the most expensive rug ever sold

The Kerman ‘Vase’ Carpet

Image Editorial Credit: Faqscl / Wikimedia Commons

Fetching $7.7 million, this 17th-century Persian rug is celebrated for its exquisite knotting technique, colors, and detailed floral patterns, embodying the rich carpet-making tradition of Kirman.

The Imperial “Dragon” Carpet

Image Editorial Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This 16th-century rug, likely from the Chinese Ming dynasty, sold for $7.6 million, featuring a throne pedestal design with an iconic dragon motif, representing the zenith of Imperial Chinese artistry.

The Mughal Millefleurs “Star-Lattice” Carpet

Image Editorial Credit; Christie’s / Wikimedia Commons

With a sale price of $5.95 million, this carpet from North India is praised for its detailed star lattice design, a testament to the Mughal Empire’s grandeur.

The Polonaise Carpet

Image Editorial Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Wikimedia Commons

Two versions of this 17th-century Central Persian carpet were sold, one for $4.84 million and another for $4.6 million, celebrated for their silk and metal thread craftsmanship.

The Silk Isfahan Rug

Image Editorial Credit: Rugmaster / Wikimedia Commons

This 17th-century Persian rug fetched $4.45 million, renowned for its delicate silk material, dense knotting, and unique design, once part of philanthropist Doris Duke’s collection.

The Louis XV Savonnerie Carpet

Image Editorial Credit: PHGCOM / Wikimedia Commons

Designed by Pierre-Josse Perrot in the 18th century and sold for $4.4 million, this French masterpiece features the royal arms of France and exemplifies the luxury of French weaving.

The Ziegler Mahal Rug

Image Editorial Credit: Rawpixel

Another exquisite piece from the Sultanabad region, known for its softer color palette and spacious design, reflecting a Western influence on Persian rug making. Such pieces have been sold for significant amounts due to their rarity and appeal to collectors and has even been sold for $2.4 million.

The Qum Carpet

Image Editorial Credit: Treasure Gallery Inc / Wikimedia Commons

A 17th-century Persian weaving sold for $4.4 million, notable for its detailed floral and bird design, reflecting the rich history of Persian carpet making.

The Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet

Image Editorial Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Stolen during World War II and later recovered, this 16th-century Persian carpet fetched $2.4 million at auction. Its intricate design and historical journey add to its mystique and value.

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