10 Most Expensive Bass Boats Currently on the Market

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Bass boats, used for bass fishing as well as fishing for similar types of panfish, are freshwater fishing boats used in wetlands, rivers, and lakes.

The boats are typically small (20-22 feet) and are now often advanced motorboats with room for modern fishing equipment and state-of-the-art technology features.

These boats are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass and powered by an outboard motor and trolling motor. While many can be bought for serviceable prices, those with the most advanced construction and technology can cost a bundle.

Continue reading to learn about the 10 most expensive bass boats that money can buy.

10. 2022 Skeeter FXR20ZAPEX

Price: $94,900
Location: Inverness, Florida
Length: 20’
Year: 2022
2022 Skeeter FXR20ZAPEX
photo source: 

The 20-foot composite hull on this 2022 Skeeter FXR20ZAPEX is the shortest on this list. It’s being offered by Apopka Marine out of Inverness, Florida for $94,900 and features a custom cover, atlas jack plate, and Hummingbird Solix 12 Bow.

Skeeter Boats was founded in 1948 by Holmes Thurmond in Shreveport, LA. Their first boat was a 13-footer with a flat bottom and needle-nosed hull, made from molded marine plywood.

Did you know?

Composite boat construction means that the boat material is made from a composite material layered between fiberglass. These materials could include Divinycell, Coosa, or Corecell.

The goal of composite construction is to create a boat that is as strong as possible while keeping the weight down.

The downside to composite boat design is that composite materials are usually more expensive than pure fiberglass molds.

9. 2022 Triton 21 XRT

Price: $99,440
Location: Martinsville, Virginia
Length: 21’
Year: 2022
2022 Triton 21 XRT
photo source: Boat Trader

The 21 XRT by Triton was manufactured in 2022 with a modified vee shape. The one on this list is being offered by Angler’s Choice Marine out of Martinsville, Virginia for $99,440.

Its base price is more like $74,000, but this custom model is fitted with a ton of extra features.

The XRT engine on this Triton boat is powered by 300 hp.

The hull design of this Triton boat has 7” of extra deck width, which gives any fishing enthusiast the ability to store a ton of extra boxes, as well as fit the enlarged rod box on the Triton’s port side. The console features two 12” screens that provide an ideal control interface for the boat’s many features.

Did you know?

Triton has been making high-performance fishing boats since 1996. Their boats have won major tournament prizes in nearly every area of the professional fishing world.

8. 2022 Caymas CX 21 Pro

Price: $101,796
Location: Norwich, Connecticut
Length: 21’
Year: 2022
2022 Caymas CX 21 Pro
photo source: Boat Trader

This 21-foot 2022 Caymas CX 21 Pro is being sold out of Norwich, Connecticut for $101,796. Thayer’s Marine, Inc. has three generations of boating manufacturing behind them (over a century’s worth) and brings it to bear on this CX 21 Pro.

Its features include a custom electronics package upgrade, an atlas hydraulic jack plate and jack plate gauge by TH Marine, a Minn Kota Ultrex 112 Trolling Motor, a TH Pro air system, and more.

Did you know?

Caymas Boats was founded in 2018 in Ashland City, Tennessee by Earl Bentz, based on his 30 years in fiberglass manufacturing. Caymas has both saltwater and freshwater divisions, designed in a partnership with Michael Peters Yacht Design.

7. 2022 Nitro ZV21

Price: $103,810
Location: Minot, North Dakota
Length: 22’
Year: 2022
2022 Nitro ZV21
photo source: Boat Trader

The bass boat known as the 2022 Nitro ZV21 is being offered on Boat Trader for $103,810 through Swenson RV & Marine. It has a fiberglass hull in a deep vee design for maximum hydrodynamics and durability.

The original model of the boat cost $77,200 with over $25,000 of included options and features. These include a one-touch command system on the boat’s touchscreen controls, giving the user full control over the First Fish function, the lights, and more.

The engine offers up to 400 hp behind the wheel.

Did you know?

Additional options offered on this custom boat include a Helix 10msi g4n bow, Ulterra 112 72” ilink system, and Lenco tabs.

6. 2022 Ranger Z520R

Price: $104,335
Location: Martinsville, Virginia
Length: 21’
Year: 2022
2022 Ranger Z520R
photo source: Boat Trader

This 2022 Ranger Z520R bass boat is being offered by Angler’s Choice Marine out of Martinsville, Virginia for $104,335.

It has a modified vee shape for performance in the water but also features a ton of redesigned amenities in the cockpit for 2022 fishing enthusiasts.

These include two 12” console graphs and a touchscreen interface that gives the owner full control over the boat’s features.

The seat is designed for performance with NASCAR design fundamentals. The boat also features a retooled deck for maximum storage using minimum space.

Did you know?

The engine of the 2022 Ranger Z520R bass boat is a Mercury Marine, 250L PX34 Outboard-4s engine powered by 250 hp.

5. 2022 Vexus VX21

Price: $105,514
Location: Lakeway, Texas
Length: 21’
Year: 2022
2022 Vexus VX21
photo source: Boat Trader

The 2022 Vexus VX21 boat is expensive even from the manufacturer – this custom model from Austin Boats and Motors is being offered from Lakeway, Texas for $105,514.

The boat comes with a Mercury 300 VX Victor Package, Vexus View Electronics Harness, a full stereo system, hydraulic setback plate, and black powder-coated VX Gunnel rails.

Mercury System monitor gauges and a custom functionality package drive the price of this boat. Vexus bass boats can crank up to 6,000 rpms, cruising up to 50mph.

Did you know?

Vexus Boats was formed in 2017 by Advanced Marine Performance LLC. They make aluminum and fiberglass boats out of Flippin, Arkansas under CEO Randy Hopper.

4. 2022 Ranger Z521L

Price: $105,995
Location: Smithfield, North Carolina
Length: 22’
Year: 2022
2022 Ranger Z521L
photo source: Boat Trader

The 2022 fiberglass Z521L Ranger boat is not the last time that a Ranger boat will feature on this list of the most expensive bass boats. At 22-feet-long, it’s a little longer than average, offered by Collins Inc. of Johnson County.

Ranger boats have been rolling out of the shop for 50 years. They are now considered high-end fishing boats with tons of high-tech amenities like integrated LED light designs, Ultra-Comfort seats, a security keypad, and numerous touchscreen features.

The boat is currently for sale from Smithfield, North Carolina for $105,995.

Did you know?

The engine in this 2022 Ranger Z521L is a Mercury Pro XS 250, Outboard-4s engine, with 3 stainless-steel propellers and 250 hp behind them.

3. 2022 Ranger 620FS Pro

Price: $110,800
Location: Roscoe, Illinois
Length: 21’
Year: 2022
2022 Ranger 620FS Pro
photo source: Boat Trader

The latest Ranger bass boat is the 2022 Ranger 620FS Pro, with a modified vee hull shape designed specially for freshwater fishing. This fiberglass boat is offered by Loves Park Motorsports on Boat Trader for $110,800.

It features a 9-inch touchscreen control interface that gives you the ability to control the stereo, lighting, security, trim tabs, and more from one screen.

The boat has a phone management center as well, with vertical Plano boxes in the expanded cockpit storage area to give even the most avid fisherman room for all their gear.

Did you know?

With all those electronics in tow, the boat’s design had to accommodate usability. That’s why the brow of the boat is upholstered with accent stitching that surrounds the driver’s console to provide not only a stylish visual but to reduce glare on the electronic screens.

2. 2015 Ranger Z521C

Price: $599,000
Location: Miami, Florida
Length: 21’
Year: 2015
2015 Ranger Z521C
photo source: Boat Trader

A 21-footer bass boat being sold out of Miami, Florida right now is listed for $599,000, making it nearly the most expensive bass boat out there.

The boat comes with a custom trailer, including a spare and folding tongue, a keyless digital ignition, hot foot, and a hydraulic jack plate.

This ranger bass boat model is made from fiberglass, offered by Midnight Express Power Boats. The model year is 2015.

Did you know?

The Ranger boats feature handmade buckle seats by Ultra-Comfort, a security keypad, a custom trailer, and a structural design tested by fishing tournaments to provide the perfect balance between storage, efficiency, power, and convenience. The transom, stringers, and upright are all made from high-strength pultruded fiberglass.

1. 2022 Venus VX21

Price: $12,345,678
Location: Harriman, Texas
Length: 21’
Year: 2022
2022 Venus VX21
photo source: Boat Trader

The most expensive bass boat is the 2022 Venus VX21. This 21-foot custom boat is on sale from Boat Trader for a whopping $12,345,678, which may be the seller’s exaggeration. But since you can buy it, it counts as the most expensive bass boat that money can buy.

The boat is known for its responsive handling and numerous fishing amenities, including gunnel handrails, a keel protector by Hamby, a Mercury 250 Pro XS 4-Stroke motor, and step-up storage drawers.

The boat comes with keyless digital ignition, a custom boat cover, and a pro-pedal foot throttle by Sea Star.

Did you know?

For the driver and passenger, the boat comes with AirWave pedestals, which allow for maximum comfort and adjustability. These hydraulic seat extenders are known as the best in the business and have likely driven up the price of this ridiculously expensive custom boat.


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