8 Most Expensive Vapes Ever Sold

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Vapes come in many forms, including vape box mods and pens. The mods particularly are the most common devices used, owing to their versatility, conveniently compact size, and generous battery life. Just because they’re standard use though doesn’t mean they’re standard design. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes (and prices).

Continue reading to learn about the most advanced modern vapes, the ones that command the prices fitting of the 8 most expensive vapes that money can buy. We included both the vapes that you can get commercially as well as the truly out-there expensive ones that have only been sold once for truly extreme prices.

Most Expensive You Can Buy

  1. Lost Vape LVE Paranormal 200W DNA250C Box Mod
  2. Price: $299.99
    Brand: LVE Vapor
    Material: Zinc alloy/wood accents
    Lost Vape LVE Paranormal 200W DNA250C Box Mod
    photo source: Element Vape

    This advanced vape box by Lost Vape uses the DNA 250C chip to improve its already sturdy chassis with modern features. These modern tech conveniences include temperature protection, wattage control, replay function, a preheating mechanism, a boost mod, and an onboard programmable LED screen (multicolor) built right into the vape box.

    The data chip has a 98% output efficiency range and is machined from a diecast Zinc alloy, set with the vape’s leather accents on the battery door. The Lost Vape LVE Paranormal 200W DNA250C Box Mod retails for $299.99 through Element Vape.

    Did you know?

    LVE Vapor created the DDNA 250C color chipset to set their vape mods apart from the crowd. This system is a power-regulating digital switch for personal vaporizers that combines wattage control through Evolv, as well as replay, preheating, and temperature protection features for a smoother experience.

    What LVE calls “synchronous rectification” allows their vape mods to maximize their battery life and minimize generated heat. The screen that brings the chip’s interface directly to your thumb is a 160×80 color TFT micro panel.

  3. Dicodes 2395T
  4. Price: $325
    Brand: Dicodes
    Material: Stainless-steel
    Dicodes 2395T
    photo source: Dicodes USA

    This Dicodes 2395T vape looks really similar to a vape mod later on our list, though this one runs a bit cheaper due to a few key differences. Despite the less fancy materials, this vape mod boasts a powerful experience in its 23mm tube.

    This includes 5 different modes, including variable watt, heat protection, power boost, and more. The Dicodes vape box can get up to a max power of 95W with its two 18650 batteries. You can buy this vape mod for $325.

    The Dicodes 2395T has a telescopic design, meaning the end cap is springless. This improves its battery contact and voltage drop.

    Did you know?

    Dicodes makes its merchandise based on their traditional German engineering standards, which in the case of this vape mod includes many features and adjustments linked to a single-button control system. The body of this vape box is stainless-steel with a laser-engraved logo on the front.

  5. Club Omega (OD Green 010)
  6. Price: $425
    Brand: Vicious Ant
    Material: T7 aluminum
    Club Omega
    photo source: Vicious Ant Online

    The Club Omega vape box in OD Green is one of the most expensive vapes you can buy, tied for first in this part of the list. The vape measures 55mm x 26mm x 80mm, so it isn’t small. This is for people who want to vape and show off.

    The Club Omega vape has resin door panels that house its 18650 battery configuration. It has a chipset by Evolv inside an aluminum body made from T7 (that’s aerospace-grade) aluminum. This vape retails for $425.

    Did you know?

    The Club Omega vape box has a cerakoted finish. This means that it’s coated in cerakote, a unique ceramic-polymer material that gives the vape box certain properties. These include increasing its resistance to wear and tear, making it less susceptible to corrosion, more resistant to chemicals, and just harder and stronger all around.

  7. Dani Extreme V3 – 22MM Titanium
  8. Price: $425
    Brand: Dicodes
    Material: Titanium
    Dani Extreme V3 – 22MM Titanium
    photo source: Dicodes USA

    Dicodes electronics create temperature-controlled vape mods that are the most expensive vapes commercially available (or tied, at least). This Dani Extreme V3 – 22MM Titanium is one of them.

    This mod comes hot off the machines of this German engineering plant, made for ultimate temperature regulation. It has a spring-loaded 510 connection, so everything stays level even when you’re mounting. The mod has a menu system complete with navigation and settings, bringing vaping to the 21st century with this Dani Extreme V3.

    With all the features and adjustments on this vape, you’ll be happy to pay $425 for it.

    Did you know?

    There are 5 modes on this mod, including variable watt, variable watt with power boost, variable watt with heat protection, variable temperature, and bypass mode.

Most Expensive Ever Sold

  1. Otto Carter
  2. Price: $3,000
    Brand: Otto Carter
    Material: Alloy
    Otto Carter
    photo source: Otto Carter

    The Otto Carter vape mod is a serious example of unique craftsmanship creating something totally different in the world of luxury vaping. Otto Carter is a luxury firearms engraver out of Texas who put all his skills into making this vape mod’s engraved design totally unique.

    The Otto Carter custom vape can be bought for $1,000 in a basic version, but if you want the heavy-duty machinery to come out so he can spend some real time on your one-of-a-kind vape, it’ll cost a cool $3,000.

    Did you know?

    Otto Carter is an engraver from Abilene, Texas who used to be a sign painter. Now, he engraves not only these custom vape mods but also firearms, watches, motorcycles, and custom jewelry.

    A few notable people who can be seen wearing Otto Carter-made merch include Steven Tyler, Al Brokaw, Rick Perry, Ed Roth, and Marcus Luttrell.

  3. Top Hat Mods Vape Mod
  4. Price: $10,000
    Brand: Top Hat Vapor
    Material: Titanium/wood accents
    Top Hat Mods Vape Mod
    photo source: The Vape Snob

    Top Hat Vapor usually sells luxury vaping mods for around $50, but they went out of their way to make an uber-expensive beauty with this one. This $10,000 vape mod was handcrafted with a titanium case, inlaid with wood accents, and fitted with a high-performance SX350j battery.

    The Top Hat vape mod can be manually adjusted or reversed depending on your preference. Unfortunately, the mod has sold out from the Top Hat store, but third-party vendors still occasionally carry this titanium beauty. Scarcity is one of the things that has driven up its price, however.

    Did you know?

    Top Hat Vapor is located in Greenville, South Carolina. They carry not only vape mods but also e-liquids, tanks, starter kits, vape accessories, and more. They’re part of a local flea market there, if you’re ever in the area.

  5. SX350J Dual Mod 18650
  6. Price: $109,000
    Brand: Magic Valley Vapors
    Material: Platinum
    SX350J Dual Mod 18650
    photo source: Medium

    The SX350J Dual Mod 18650 by Magic Valley Vapors is a 3D printed mod that was designed and sculpted in platinum, produced by the company in their New York labs.

    This vape device is named after the batteries it can contain (two 18650 batteries), which give the user an incredible and long-lasting experience with this one. They offer a solid 14k gold version of the SX350J Dual Mod 18650 vape pen for $38,000, but the real prize is this solid platinum one, which retails for $109,000.

    Did you know?

    Platinum doesn’t have quite the name recognition of gold, but this South African ore (80% of it comes from there) can only be mined at a rate of around a few hundred tons each year. Its value and scarcity has been well-known since it began being studied in 1748.

    This metal’s big claim to fame is its near-total resistance to corrosion, which is why it’s used in lab equipment and dentistry tools. As jewelry or even this incredible vape pen, platinum can last pretty much forever.

  7. Shisha Sticks Sofia
  8. Price: $890,000
    Brand: Shisha Sticks
    Material: Gold/glass
    Shisha Sticks Sofia
    photo source: Facebook

    The most expensive vape is the Shisha Sticks Sofia. This vape pen was designed by Anthony Mixides of Shisha Sticks on request from a very wealthy client to create the world’s most lavishly decorated vape pen of all time. And they succeeded by a lot.

    This vape pen is covered in diamonds, including 246 flawless crystal diamonds and a 6-carat oval diamond that is worth $75,000 all on its own. The rest of the pen is decked out in yellow Swarovski crystals (46 in total) and the pen itself is made from hand-blown Murano glass.

    All these incredible jewels are stacked onto a pen that has a base of solid gold. It was sold to its client for $890,000, making it easily the most expensive way to vape that anyone has yet come up with.

    Did you know?

    Swarovski crystal comes from an Austrian company that has been making high-quality crystal fashion and jewelry statements since 1895. Swarovski crystal is so high-quality that it is used not only in jewelry but also in drilling, in the optical lenses of telescopes and rifles, and in dressing tools. Now, it’s even been turned into a vape pen.


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