8 Most Expensive Houses Currently for Sale in Minnesota

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The average home price in Minnesota is $333,581, which is a bit less than the natural average. This means that the most expensive homes in the state will also not rank highly among the most expensive in the entire nation. However, some of these mansion-style Minnesota homes take full advantage of both the countryside and shorelines to deliver spectacular estates, with some of the best views in the Northwest.

Continue reading to learn about the 8 most expensive houses in Minnesota, including the details of the properties, the designers, and the full breakdown of why these houses sell for millions to the lucky families who can afford them.

8. 835 Hunt Farm Rd

Price: $7,500,000
Size: 8,930 sqft
City: Long Lake
Rooms: 6 bed/7 bath
835 Hunt Farm Rd
photo source: Zillow

The home at 835 Hunt Farm Rd in Long Lake, Minnesota is known as “Huntington Manor” due to its extravagant size and manor-like façade. It’s located right in the Orono countryside, one of the most coveted real estate areas in the state, designed by the architect James McNeal in association with Luke Busker, the home builder.

The estate in total consists of 3.37 private acres sitting right in the middle of 60+ acres of pristine private land. The features of the home are built from limestone and white oak trees harvested from the area.

There’s an arched stone terrace and a towering vaulted front room with a wall of multi-story glass, providing a perfect view of the sunset to the West.

The house is currently for sale for $7.5 million.

Did you know?

The owner’s suite of this house is at the top of a spiral staircase, which has its own gorgeous views from the en suite guest bedrooms. On the manor’s lower level, an arched stone fireplace and wine storage room provide all the entertainment you’ll need on a late Minnesota night.

The house also features a full pub bar and numerous other amenities befitting a nearly 9,000-sqft home in the most desirable countryside in the state.

7. 980 Heritage Ln

Price: $7,900,000
Size: 7,730 sqft
City: Wayzata
Rooms: 4 bed/7 bath
980 Heritage Ln
photo source: Zillow

980 Heritage Ln is a 7,730-sqft property completed in 2020 in Wayzata, Minnesota, the beachfront area nearest Lake Minnetonka and most valued for its luxury estates. It will appear multiple times on this list due to common features shared with this property, including direct lakeshore access and gorgeous views.

This property has 220 feet of Easterly lakeshore, to be exact. The house itself is built in the transitional style, which features both modern design and an old-fashioned emphasis on natural lighting.

The result is a truly unique building, priced at $7.9 million.

It comes equipped with a full security gate, 6-car garage, private dock, and completely integrated smart home system.

Did you know?

The transitional architecture style mixes classic and modern design choices into a new combination that takes features from both. Specifically, it uses the emphasis on textures and symmetrical structures common in traditional buildings and combines them with the sleek minimalism and open concept floorplans of modern homes.

6. 2303 Huntington Point Rd E

Price: $7,999,000
Size: 7,894 sqft
City: Wayzata
Rooms: 4 bed/5 bath
2303 Huntington Point Rd E
photo source: Zillow

The house at 2303 Huntington Point Rd E is priced at nearly $8 million on a relatively small 0.85-acre property. It’s right on lake Minnetonka, with beachfront access and panoramic views of the fresh water. Inside, the house has spacious vaulted ceilings filled with natural light to match its overall bright and inviting design.

Its amenities include a stone-framed fireplace, library, patio, formal dining room, guest bedrooms, workout room, sauna, office, and more.

The windows in this home stretch from the floor to the ceiling to emphasize the natural lighting and the baths are designed like spas, complete with hot tubs and pools.

Did you know?

Lake Minnetonka may be huge at 14,528 acres across, but it’s actually Minnesota’s 9th largest lake. Minnesota also has 23 total bays, making it a prime destination for boaters and fishing enthusiasts.

5. 6377 Cliffwood Cir

Price: $8,995,000
Size: 8,627 sqft
City: Excelsior
Rooms: 5 bed/7 bath
6377 Cliffwood Cir
photo source: Zillow

6377 Cliffwood Cir is a single-family residence built in 2013. It is constructed on a 1.65-acre plot and is currently for sale on Zillow for $8.995 million, making it one of the most expensive houses in Minnesota.

It has a direct sightline with Lake Minnetonka, so this property is perfect for those who love a lakefront view from every window of their 8,600+ sqft home.

The property includes 242 feet of direct shoreline, views of Smithtown Bay, and a sizable designer screen porch that opens onto a resort-quality pool deck. The main suite even has its own private porch.

The house, which was designed in a collaboration between Murphy & Co. Design, Streeter & Associates, Ellington & Co., and the current owners, is a true passion project.

Did you know?

Murphy & Co. Design was formed in 2003 and specializes in classic residential designs like this. Their main office is in Minneapolis, but they have designed throughout the United states in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and more.

4. 3017 N Shore Dr

Price: $9,895,000
Size: 10,077 sqft
City: Wayzata
Rooms: 5 bed/7 bath
3017 N Shore Dr
photo source: Zillow

The house at 3017 N Shore Dr in Wayzata, Minnesota is 10,077 sqft in size, built as a single-family residence in 2020. The plot is 3.39 acres in size and includes 600 feet of accessible lakeshore. The Southerly view from the house faces the gorgeous Crystal Bay.

The house is built with a totally open floorplan, with tall, vaulted ceilings and windows from the floor to the top. The roof is made of composite slate.

The property even has water fountains built from luxury limestone. Owning this scenic home currently costs $9,895,000.

Did you know?

No luxury home would be complete without high-quality amenities and 3017 N Shore Dr doesn’t disappoint. Beneath its vaulted ceilings you’ll find a movie theater, exercise room, sunroom, sauna, billiards room, and wine cellar.

3. 36463 Butternut Point Rd

Price: $12,000,000
Size: 12,437 sqft
City: Pequot Lakes
Rooms: 19 bed/22 bath
36463 Butternut Point Rd
photo source: Zillow

36463 Butternut Point Rd is a cabin-style home built in 2001 on a 3.41-acre plot. It is located on its own private peninsula on Whitefish Lake with access to over 2,000 feet of pristine shoreline and sugar sand beaches. Nor-Son built this house with luxurious wood logs, giving it its rustic charm.

Inside the house, three stone fireplaces set the stage for classy lakeside living. The property has 6 complimentary guest houses, all landscaped, all with access to flagstone patios and walkways that connect the living areas to those used for fishing, boating, and swimming.

This log cabin-style beauty is on sale on Zillow for $12,000,000 even.

Did you know?

This property used to be used as the Butternut Point Resort before being repurposed into a family residence. As such, it has immediate access to Crosslake and all its restaurants and premier golf courses.

2. 565 Ferndale Rd W

Price: $13,450,000
Size: 7,365 sqft
City: Wayzata
Rooms: 6 bed/8 bath
565 Ferndale Rd W
photo source: Zillow

This house is an old classic in the Wayzata area at 565 Ferndale Rd W. It was built in 1914 on a sizable 11.87-acre plot. The house overlooks the bay that outlets into the famous Lake Minnetonka with its own private access dock.

The house has custom-built bluestone patios overlooking panoramic views of the Minnesota Wetlands on one side and the bluffs on the other. The house also comes with a caretaker’s cottage. It is currently on the market for $13,450,000.

Did you know?

The lakeside city of Wayzata on Lake Minnetonka is a small city, with a population of around 4,700. The name of the city is from the Dakota tribe’s word for “North shore.”

1. 2400 Cedar Point Dr

Price: $15,250,000
Size: 9,016 sqft
City: Wayzata
Rooms: 5 bed/7 bath
2400 Cedar Point Dr
photo source: Zillow

The most expensive house in Minnesota is 2400 Cedar Point Dr. This house is up for sale for $15,250,000, built in 2016 on a 2.89-acre plot in Wayzata. The luxury estate is built on its own private peninsula, with 1,700 sqft of beachfront yard.

The house was built in the American shingle style common on the East coast, designed by Streeter Homes and Swan Architecture. The 9,016-sqft home features multiple decks, patios, and porches. It has a catering kitchen, double vault ceiling, spa bath, and multiple master suites.

Did you know?

The amenities never stop with this house. They also include a spa bath, art studio, boat house, 8-car garage, and private path. There’s even a replica Nova Scotia lighthouse on the property.


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