9 Most Expensive Hoodies Ever Sold

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Hoodies are iconic street fashion statements that can be bought for cheap at nearly any clothing retailer. They can be used for casual comfort but just as often serve as fashionable counter-culture statements and showcases for luxury fashion brand collaborations.

Some hoodies can be extremely pricey due to these collaborations, even becoming icons for fashion collectors. Continue reading to learn about the 9 most expensive hoodies and the big names in fashion that made them possible.

9. Chanel x Pharrell Limited-Edition Yellow Hoodie

Price: $12,000
Color: Yellow
Brand: Chanel x Pharrell
Chanel x Pharrell Limited-Edition Yellow Hoodie
photo source: Grailed

This Chanel x Pharrell Limited Edition Yellow Hoodie was designed in 2019. It features a sunflower yellow fabric patterned with rhinestones that form hearts, “Chanel” and “Pharrell” logos, the number 5, and a big “C” for Coco. The jacket was made in France and originally came with a Chanel garment bag.

Coco Chanel is arguably the most infamous name in female fashion, with everything from the Chanel suits, dresses, bags, and the Chanel No. 5 perfume under her auspicious label. She has been setting standards in feminine clothing since her fashion house opened in 1921.

This modern Chanel x Pharrell collaboration hoodie sells online for up to $12,000.

Did you know?

The Chanel x Pharrell collection includes not only hoodies but also shoes. The 500-pair NMD Human Race shoes by Chanel x Pharrell are some of their most iconic fashion contributions, as well as some of the most expensive shoes out there.

8. Mastermind x Swarovski Fur Hoodie

Price: $12,600
Color: Black
Brand: Mastermind Japan x Swarovski
Mastermind x Swarovski Fur Hoodie
photo source: Grailed

The seller listed the Mastermind x Swarovski Fur Hoodie as the only XL on the market, made for the brand’s 20th anniversary. It was part of the 2017 collection for Mastermind Japan. The co-production with Swarovski contributed to its hand-placed crystal designs, which makes this hoodie sparkle like no other.

The fur of the coat includes silk lining, cuff and zipper lining in lamb’s skin, and cuffs that are nearly 100% cashmere. This exquisite black coat costs $12,600.

Did you know?

The Mastermind Japan brand was founded in Japan in 1997 by Masaaki Homma, whose dark styles and luxury materials have influenced Japanese fashion ever since. He’s famous for using luxury furs and Egyptian cotton textiles by GIZA.

7. Racoon Fur Double-Layer Hoodie

Price: $12,900
Color: Charcoal grey
Brand: Haider Ackermann
Racoon Fur Double-Layer Hoodie
photo source: Grailed

This charcoal grey double-layer hoodie is made from raccoon fur by the fashion designer Haider Ackerman for the Fall 2014 collection. Racoon furs have long been used as coats and in certain historical periods have even been fashionable in addition to being sustainable. Is this the time to bring coon back in style?

In fact, during the roaring 1920s, young men often wore raccoon furs to college and to high-class gatherings, attracted to their distinctive designs. The furs capitalized on the freedom and extravagance of the period, in addition to being really warm.

This new addition to the lineage of raccoon clothing costs $12,900.

Did you know?

The Colombian-born French fashion designer Haider Ackermann was so popular by the mid-2000s that he turned down the opportunity to succeed the executive designers at Martin Margiela, being eyed by Dior. His clothes have been worn by Kanye West, Tilda Swinton, Janet Jackson, Timothée Chalamet, and more.

6. Raf Simons AW Sleeveless Hoodie

Price: $13,500
Color: Green
Brand: Raf Simons
Raf Simons AW Sleeveless Hoodie
photo source: Grailed

This green Raf Simons AW Sleeveless Hoodie features several graphics in patches that tie the hoodie to its Euro-centric origins as well as its musical influences. These include a British flag, a lineup of standing electric guitars, and an ad for the German show, Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo.

Raf Simons made this hoodie in 2021. It now sells for $13,500 online.

Did you know?

Raf Simons started in furniture design before transitioning to become one of the world’s most famous and successful Belgian fashion gurus. His men’s fashion label has taken him to incredible heights, including the creative director positions at Sander, Dior, and Calvin Klein. In 2020, he even served as the co-director of Prada.

5. ERD x Caviar Kaspia Paris Patch Hoodie

Price: $13,500
Color: White
Brand: Enfants Riches Deprimes
ERD x Caviar Kaspia Paris Patch Hoodie
photo source: Grailed

This large hoodie is listed as the ERD x Caviar Kaspia Paris Patch Hoodie. It’s white with a teal patch displaying a blue logo. This hoodie is known as one of the rarest ever made by Enfants Riches Deprimes and is currently on sale online for $13,500.

ERD is one of the most recent fashion brands, founded in 2012 as a high-style fashion collective by Henri Alexander. The goal was to combine the streetwear style of the 70s French punk movement with avant-garde fashion cues of 1980s Japanese design.

Did you know?

The fish logo with the “K” is the logo of Caviar Kaspia, a French restaurant that has been serving luxury seafood with a French and Russian fusion style since 1927.

4. Christophe Chemin Hooded Windbreaker

Price: $15,000
Color: Cream/black
Brand: Prada
Christophe Chemin Hooded Windbreaker
photo source: Grailed

This Christophe Chemin Hooded Windbreaker was designed by Prada in collaboration with Chemin, a French artist as famous for his designs as for his writing, photography, and art. He’s now based in Berlin.

The hoodie is listed as size 44 and features Chemin’s art. The base color of the hoodie is cream, and the graphics are done in multiple colors, with the trees and buildings in black. This hoodie definitely makes a statement.

The Prada x Chemin Hooded Windbreaker is on-sale on Grailed for $15,000.

Did you know?

Mario Prada founded the luxury leather-goods company Prada in 1913 in Milan, Italy. However, it wasn’t a big success until his granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, took over in 1978. Since then, Prada has become one of the names in luxury fashion design.

Prada and Chemin began their first collaboration when the Italian fashion house asked the artist to work on their designer print series, “The Important Ones,” for Prada’s latest fashion collection.

3. Camo Leather Patch Hoodie Jacket

Price: $17,550
Color: Camo
Brand: Chrome Hearts
Camo Leather Patch Hoodie Jacket
photo source: Grailed

Offset wore this exact Camo Leather Patch Hoodie Jacket in the famous photo, according to the jacket’s seller on Grailed. It has a leather cross design on the elbows with a big leather logo across the back and silver-plated zippers. It’s marked as a size small and costs $17,550.

Kiari Kendrell Cephus, known professionally as the rapper, Offset, wore this camo jacket in a photo op, so it’s not only a valuable piece of fabric but a piece of music history too. He’s not only a solo artist but also part of Migos with Quavo and Takeoff.

Did you know?

The clothing brand Chrome Hearts was started by Richard Stark in 1988 and John Bowman, a leather manufacturer. They started this now renowned celebrity fashion label in a garage in LA.

2. Monogram Mineral Mink Fur Zipped Hoodie

Price: $25,300
Color: Blue
Brand: Louis Vuitton
Monogram Mineral Mink Fur Zipped Hoodie
photo source: Louis Vuitton

This exotic hoodie is a Louis Vuitton luxury fashion accessory done in the classic hoodie style, just with upscale materials. The coat is shining and blue from its mineral dye process, with a metallic, iridescent sheen. It has knitted ribs and an adjustable drawstring.

The Monogram Mineral Mink Fur Zipped Hoodie is made from 100% mink in Vuitton’s workshops in France. It sells on their online store for $25,300, making it nearly the most expensive hoodie that money can buy.

Did you know?

Louis Vuitton started his career in fashion in 1837 as a trunk maker. His workshop opened in 1859 with 20 employees. By 1914, over 225 people worked at Louis Vuitton’s atelier. Today, it is the most expensive and one of the largest fashion brands in the world.

1. Mink Intarsia Short Hooded Wrap Coat

Price: $32,500
Color: Brown
Brand: Louis Vuitton
Mink Intarsia Short Hooded Wrap Coat
photo source: Louis Vuitton

The most expensive hoodie ever sold is the Mink Intarsia Short Hooded Wrap Coat. This coat by Louis Vuitton is not technically what you think of when you say “hoodie.” We’re cheating a bit. But it’s a hooded mocha brown wrap made of genuine mink, and it definitely functions as a hoodie, so we’re counting it.

This discreet, monogrammed hooded wrap from the luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton, is made from sheared mink and has a leather accent belt across the middle. It retails on their site’s store for $32,500, making it the most expensive hoodie anywhere.

Did you know?

Mink has been the gold standard in high-fashion furs since the European royalty began wearing it in the 1000s. In the 1300s, countries started passing laws that determined that only higher social classes could wear mink, a perception that trickled down to 20th-century movie star couture and still exists in some places today.


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