8 Most Expensive Houses Currently on the Market in Virginia

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The house prices in Virginia have a median value of $350,000, which has been steadily increasing throughout the pandemic past the national average. One of the oldest housing areas in the United States, the seat of governance and history for the entire country, Virginia contains some of the nation’s biggest, most luxurious mansions.

Continue reading to learn about the most expensive houses in Virginia, including the amenities that make them some of the most well-known luxury properties in the country.

8. 6431 Georgetown Pike

Price: $22,000,000
City: McLean
Rooms: 10 bed/15 bath
Size: 22,000 sqft
6431 Georgetown Pike
photo source: Zillow

The $22-million-dollar home at 6431 Georgetown Pike in the luxury housing community of McLean, Virginia was completed in early 2022. The home may be brand new, but it’s constructed in the traditional style of French mansion architecture from the 1700s. This home was named Chateau du Soleil, which translates to “Mansion of the Sun.”

The 22,000-sqft home is made from traditional brick and limestone designs, with mansion-style columns and ironwork doors. The foyer of the house is housed below a plaster dome. The home contains dozens of crystal chandeliers, forged iron railings, and floors made from luxury white oak and Italian marble.

The outside of the home is designed after the French gardens in Normandy with a jogging path, beautiful foliage, and koi pond spread out over its 3.8 acres of landscape.

Did you know?

The house features Italian cabinetry and custom lighting – even the master closet is an enormous luxury amenity that takes up 1,100 sqft. The home’s other amenities include manicured gardens, a full spa and massage room, a sauna and fitness center, private hair salon, multiple wet bars, professional-grade home cinema room, and more.

7. 1171 Chain Bridge Rd

Price: $24,000,000
City: McLean
Rooms: 8 bed/13 bath
Size: 20,000 sqft
1171 Chain Bridge Rd
photo source: Zillow

The 20,000-sqft house at 1171 Chain Bridge Rd is one of the newest properties on this list, constructed in 2021 on a 1.51-acre plot (typically, the older homes in Virginia are the ones whose titles cover more acreage). This property in the luxury housing area of McLean, Virginia has 8 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

The house has a luxurious domed reception hall, a 10-car garage, a full guest house, pool, and a full spa suite. This modern home, which stretches from one end of its street-front lot to the other, costs $24,000,000.

Did you know?

The town of McLean was named after the owner of The Washington Post, John Roll McLean. It was chartered in 1902, connecting two areas of historical importance in old Virginia, including Great Falls and the Old Dominion Railroad.

6. 21515 Trappe Rd

Price: $27,500,000
City: Upperville
Rooms: 9 bed/11 bath
Size: 12,500 sqft
21515 Trappe Rd
photo source: Zillow

The oldest home on this list was built in 1795, evoking the classic manor-style architecture of the early United States. The property is on 1,099 acres of lush countryside, manicured like it would have been when these 18th-century manors were new. The house not only has 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms but a staggering 17 fireplaces, recalling the age in history when cold Virginia winters could freeze your toes off.

The house is known as Llangollen Farm and was originally a patent house. By the 1930s, the house had become a racehorse operation complete with 24 horse stalls, a full stable, and a 5/8-mile racehorse training track. This Upperville property is on the market for $27.5 million.

Did you know?

Gilbert de Motier, better known as his title during the period of the American Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette, visited this home back in the 1700s. So did George Washington. When you buy this house, you’re buying rooms that war legends walked through.

5. Unlisted Address

Price: $29,900,000
City: McLean
Rooms: 6 bed/11 bath
Size: 23,600 sqft
Unlisted Address
photo source: Zillow

This entry is a house at an unlisted address in McLean, Virginia, listed on Zillow for $29.9 million. It was built in 2001 and has 23,600 sqft of living area on a 3.8-acre plot. This is comparatively small on this list, which should tell you that the design of the house itself makes up the difference.

This house is in Virginia’s most affluent area, less than 10 miles from the White House. The property has stone terraces overlooking the property that will bring luxury resorts to mind. The house has a dining room with a 24-person capacity, bathed in natural light, leading to its astonishing amenities, including a wine room, bar, sauna, home theater, and more.

Did you know?

The outdoor amenities are as luxurious as the indoor ones on this property. They include terraced gardens, a stone walking path, fountain, pool, tennis court, and gorgeous lawns. There’s even an outdoor living space with a covered dining area by the pool, complete with a stone fireplace.

4. 7500 Ironwood Ln

Price: $29,950,000
City: Warrenton
Rooms: 23 bed/16 bath
Size: 25,939 sqft
7500 Ironwood Ln
photo source: Zillow

The property at 7500 Ironwood Ln is an absolutely historic property built back in 1776, which you may recognize as the year that the newly formed United States ratified the Declaration of Independence. The property is in the absolute heart of the original American colonies, encompassing 664.51 acres of manicured land.

This rural countryside is an hour away from Washington D.C., built in the Georgian manor style, which is well-known as one of America’s last “great” historic homes. It includes a carriage house made from stone in the Georgian Revival style, facilities to house horses, a guesthouse, and a private shooting preserve. The huge house has 23 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms and is on the market for $29.95 million.

When you buy this house, you’re buying not only hundreds of acres of American country estate but a piece of history.

Did you know?

Architecture in the Georgian style is named for the architecture popular during the reigns of the four kings of England named George, ruling from 1714 to 1830. Their style is based on the aesthetic value of symmetry, keeping the windows, chimneys, and the whole structure of the house similar on both sides.

3. 700 Bulls Neck Rd

Price: $39,000,000
City: McLean
Rooms: 8 bed/13 bath
Size: 33,000 sqft
700 Bulls Neck Rd
photo source: Zillow

The house located at 700 Bulls Neck Rd is in McLean, one of Virginia’s most affluent property areas. This house was finished in 2022 on its 5-acre plot, an enormous mansion-style home with 33,000 sqft of living area, complete with a courtyard. The house sits perched on granite cliffs with views of the historic Potomac River.

French Provincial-style architecture favors old-fashioned building materials, evoked by this home’s Vermont Slate roof, limestone walls, concrete stucco structures, and copper gutters. Even the doors of the massive home are custom iron designs. The garage is big enough for up to 22 cars.

You can buy this huge 8 bed/13 bath home for an even $39 million.

Did you know?

The amazing kitchen of this home has 180-degree views of the property’s manicured gardens. It was designed by the interior design firm, Lobkovich, with design input from the acclaimed chef, Jose Andres.

2. 7983 E Boulevard Dr

Price: $45,000,000
City: Alexandria
Rooms: 7 bed/12 bath
Size: 25,500 sqft
7983 E Boulevard Dr
photo source: Realtor

The house at 7983 E Boulevard Dr in Alexandria, Virginia is a house that is still in the construction phrase, though the concept paintings promise a huge colonial manor-style home, 25,500 sqft in size. It is slated to be finished by 2023 and sold for $45,000,000.

This property encompasses 10 acres of residential waterfront land located between Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, and Old Town Alexandria. The house has 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, with vaulted ceilings, huge window space, and a dining room big enough to double as a ballroom.

Did you know?

One of the draws of this property is its large private pond, pool, yoga studio, sports court, and beach, complete with a private dock right along the Potomac River.

1. 6909 Blenheim Rd

Price: $45,000,000
City: Scottsville
Rooms: Unlisted
Size: 12,000 sqft
6909 Blenheim Rd
photo source: Sotheby’s Realty

The most expensive house in Virginia is at 6909 Blenheim Rd. It used to be the estate of Bernard Arnault, built in 2005. Located in Scottsville, which is very close to Charlottesville and the University of Virginia.

The estate encompasses 2,500 acres of land in the same area as Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and many major vineyards.

Over the course of time, nearly $100 million has been invested into the amenities of this property, which now includes an inground pool, 180-foot water slide, two tennis courts, two stables (eight stalls each), and even a two-lane go-kart track. The property is currently for sale for $45 million.

Did you know?

The facilities of this property are incredible, including a tasting room with a full-service restaurant, a 15-barrel craft brewery, outdoor fireplace, waterfalls, and a 20-acre vineyard.


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