8 Rarest Pets in Pet Stimulator X Ever Released

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Pet Simulator X (Pet Sim X) is the third game in the Pet Simulator series. This Roblox game developed by Big Games is set in a colorful world where players can collect coins, buy eggs, and hatch them to get various pets.

All the pets you get in the game are not charming, though; Some of them are even dangerous. However, the cuteness of a pet is not what the players look for. It is the rarity of a pet that makes the fans go crazy. Other factors also help boost the worth of a pet.

Here we list 7 rarest Pet Simulator X pets. Many of these pets are not available today as they were released for a limited period to celebrate an occasion.

Also, as a Pet Simulator X enthusiast, you must know that the list of rare pets grows with each update released by Big Games. The worth of a pet can also change drastically overnight. We have compiled this list based on the latest available information.

8. Storm Wolf

Rarity: Rare
Estimated worth: 175,000,000,000
Released: November 2021
How to obtain: No longer obtainable, could be purchased from the exclusive store
Storm Wolf
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

Storm Wolf is one of the three Storm pets in Pet Simulator X. The other two are Storm Dragon and Storm Axolotl.

This exclusive pet was launched with the Alien update of the Pet Sim X in November 2021. The pet could be obtained from the Exclusive Store for 5,500 Robux. It was only available for a limited period.

Glitches were found soon after the pet was released. Besides, it was heavily distributed by the dupers. Thus, it has become extremely hard to find a non-glitched and non-duped version of this pet.

Did you know?

Storm Wolf was the first exclusive pet that had three enchants and over 1 million power.

7. Golden Huge Forest Wyvern

Rarity: Rare
Estimated worth: 4,000,000,000,000 diamonds
Released: January 2022
How to obtain: No longer obtainable, could be obtained by purchasing an exclusive pet egg
Golden Huge Forest Wyvern
photo source: allegroimg.com

Huge Forest Wyvern is an exclusive pet released during the Glitch Update in January 2022. Three variants were available, Normal, Golden, and Rainbow; the Golden one was the rarest. Some believe that the Rainbow version is the rarest one; however, that’s not correct.

Players could buy the egg for this pet from the exclusive shop for a limited period. The price for one egg was 800 Roblox.

The hatch rate for this was 2%. The other pets that could be hatched from this egg were the Keyboard Cat (hatch rate 50%), Nature Dragon (hatch rate 35%), and Wicked Dragon (hatch rate 13%). It was the second huge pet that was released with other non-huge exclusives.

Did you know?

Although this pet is not called Huge Nature Dragon, it is actually a huge version of Pet Simulator X’s Exclusive Pet Nature Dragon.

6. Hippo Melon

Rarity: Very rare
Estimated worth: 1,500,000,000 diamonds
Released: April Fool Day 2022
How to obtain: No longer obtainable, could be obtained by completing three quests
Hippo Melon
photo source: wikia.nocookie.net

Pet Sim X pet Hippo Melon came with the April Fool update in 2022. This exclusive pet was obtainable only on April Fool Day. Players had to complete three quests to receive this pet.

First, they needed to type “April Fools” in the chat. In the next step, they were required to give three pets to another player via trading without receiving anything. In the last step, they were to fuse three Elf pets to obtain Hippo Melon.

After the release of the pet, BIG Game was vehemently criticized by the fans on its Discord channel. Players were disappointed because initially, they thought they could obtain the pet only by completing the first step.

Did you know?

Hippo Melon is the first exclusive pet in Pet Sim X that could be obtained through fusing.

5. Huge Easter Cat

Rarity: Extremely rare
Estimated worth: 5,000,000,000,000 diamonds (Normal), 8,000,000,000,000 diamonds (Golden), 5,500,000,000,000 diamonds (Rainbow)
Released: Easter 2022
How to obtain: No longer obtainable, could be hatched from egg
Huge Easter Cat
photo source: wikia.nocookie.net
Huge Easter Cat
photo source: progameguides.com

Huge Easter Cat was released during the 2022 Easter Event. The event had four Easter Eggs: Blue Egg (Common), Purple Egg (Rare), Green Egg (Epic), and Yellow Egg (Legendary). This huge variant of the Easter Cat was available for a limited period and could be obtained by hatching a Legendary Easter Egg.

The chances of hatching this pet were 0.002%. The total number of these pets that exist is less than 40.

The appearance of the pet was similar to the Huge Cat, but it had bunny ears and a bow tie.

Did you know?

Huge Easter Cat is the rarest Huge Pet ever released in this game.

4. Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat

Rarity: Extremely rare
Estimated worth: 6,300,000,000,000 diamonds
Released: Halloween 2021
How to obtain: No longer obtainable, could be hatched from an egg
Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat
photo source: wikia.nocookie.net
Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat
photo source: wikia.nocookie.net

Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat is one of the rarest pets in the entire Pet Simulator X game. Huge Pumpkin Cat was an exclusive pet released with the 2021 Halloween update. Three variants of this pet were available, Normal, Gold, and Rainbow. The last one was the rarest among the three.

The huge Pumpkin Cat could be hatched from a Cursed Egg. The hatch rate for this pet is estimated to be around 0.0000002%. It is the lowest hatch rate in the entire game. That makes the Huge Pumpkin Cat the rarest hatchable pet available.

The players were first required to unlock the Halloween World. Then they could obtain Cursed eggs in exchange for 750,000 Halloween Candy.

According to fan pages, only around 1000 Huge Pumpkin Cats could ever be hatched, and 18 were of the Rainbow variety.

Did you know?

Huge Pumpkin Cat was special for many reasons. It was the first exclusive pet that was hatchable from an egg, could be upgraded, and had a random enchant.

3. Blue BIG Maskot

Rarity: Ultra rare
Estimated worth: 450,000,000,000 diamonds
Released: August 2021
How to obtain: By completing the Dress Up Achievement
Blue BIG Maskot
photo source: progameguides.com

Blue Big Maskot is an exceptionally rare pet that most players will never be able to obtain due to the high price tag.

This exclusive pet is a reskin of BIG Maskot. Players can get this pet by completing Dress Up Achievement. The challenge requires them to dress their Roblox Avatar in line with the avatar of BuildIntoGames, aka Preston, the developer of the game.

The dress of the avatar includes the Orange Ninja Headband of All Earth’s Fire, BIG Games Box Logo T-Shirt, and Chill. While the last item comes for free, the players must buy the other two from the Avatar Store. The first one that is the Orange Ninja Headband is exorbitantly expensive. It sells for 95,000 Robux or more.

Did you know?

Only a very few exclusive pets can be made into Golden, Rainbow, and Dark Matter; Blue BIG Maskot is one of them.

2. Hubert

Rarity: Ultra rare
Estimated worth: NA
Released: Unreleased
How to obtain: Cannot be obtained
photo source: wikia.nocookie.net

Hubert is the second-rarest pet on this list. This pet was never released to the general public. This admin-exclusive pet is currently owned by only four entities. They are LiedYou, Alquo, two former moderators, Ulzig aka Calvin, a tester, and the creator of the game Preston.

This pet was a remodeled version of the Cat. However, the face of the pet looks different. In this version, the eyes, nose, and mouth are positioned in a way that appears deformed.

Did you know?

Hubert has a unique feature that is absent in other versions of Cat. You can actually alter the size by re-equipping it.

1. Rainbow Huge Pegasus

Rarity: Ultra rare
Estimated worth: Cannot be traded
Released: November 2021
How to obtain: Up for sale for $1,549,560.00
Rainbow Huge Pegasus
photo source: wikia.nocookie.net

Rainbow Huge Pegasus is the rarest Pet Simulator X pet with only one exciting example. Huge Pegasus is the first Pet Simulator X pet that could be obtained through NFTs.

On November 10, 2021, BIG Games announced on its Twitter handle that this exclusive pet would be available through the NFTs in BIG Games OpenSeas Auction.

A total of 12 Huge Pegasus pets were released, eight Normal, three Golden, and only one Rainbow. The current owner of the Rainbow Huge Pegasus purchased it as an NFT for $22802.72. It is, so far, the most expensive pet in Pet Simulator ever.

Currently, the owner has put this pet up for sale. The asking price set by the owner is 888 Ethereum which translates to around $1,549,560.00.

Huge Pegasus was the third huge pet added to the game. As it is available through NFTs, it can be sent to other players and returned to the owner.

Did you know?

After releasing this NFT exclusive pet, Preston faced a massive backlash from the fans. They accused Preston of violating the Roblox Community Guidelines.


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