15 Most Expensive Vacation Destinations in the World

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Exploring the most expensive vacation spots around the world is like stepping into a whole new level of travel. These places aren’t just about stunning views and fancy hotels; they’re about offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. From the clear blue waters of Bora Bora to the rolling hills of Tuscany, each destination on this list brings something special to the table. Whether it’s sleeping in an overwater bungalow, dining in a world-renowned restaurant, or taking a private tour of ancient ruins, these spots are all about making your vacation unforgettable. 

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Famous for its turquoise waters and luxurious overwater bungalows, Bora Bora is the epitome of paradise. The high cost is attributed to its remote location, exclusive resorts like The St. Regis and Four Seasons, and bespoke experiences such as private lagoon tours and helicopter rides. Its exclusivity and expensive logistics make it a costly but unforgettable destination. A week-long trip to Bora Bora for two could easily cost between $10,000 and $20,000, making it one of the most luxurious and expensive vacation destinations in the world.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

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Owned by magician David Copperfield, Musha Cay is among the most private and expensive island getaways, offering unparalleled privacy for the ultra-rich. With rentals costing upwards of $50,000 a night, guests enjoy bespoke adventures on 700 acres of pristine land and waters.


Image Editorial Credit: Maksym Kozlenko / Wikimedia Commons

This island nation is known for its crystal-clear waters, soft coral diving, and exclusive private islands like Laucala Island, where luxury and nature blend seamlessly. Accommodations can go for over $5,000 per night, offering guests their own slice of paradise with impeccable Fijian hospitality.


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With over 1,000 islands, the Maldives is synonymous with luxury travel. Resorts like Soneva Fushi and One&Only Reethi Rah offer private villas, personal butlers, and underwater dining, making it a costly but dreamy escape. Making a week-long stay for two potentially cost between $5,000 to over $30,000, depending on the level of luxury.

Tuscany, Italy

Image Editorial Credit: Thomas Fabian / Wikimedia Commons
This Italian region is famous for its landscapes, history, and culinary tradition. Luxury villas, wine tours, and gourmet dining, combined with the rich cultural heritage of cities like Florence and Siena, make it a high-end vacation spot. Staying in a high-end villa or boutique hotel might cost from $300 to over $1,000 per night. Considering tours, tastings, and cultural experiences, a trip to Tuscany can easily reach upwards of $500 per person per day for those indulging in its finer offerings.


Image Editorial Credit: Didier Baertschiger / Flickr

Pristine beaches, exclusive resorts, and private islands like Fregate Island make Seychelles a top choice for luxury travel. Conservation-focused luxury experiences elevate the cost but offer unparalleled natural beauty and privacy. A week-long trip for two in this island paradise, embracing its luxury and exclusivity, could easily cost between $7,000 to $20,000 or more, highlighting Seychelles’ stature as an expensive but idyllic getaway.


Image Editorial Credit: Matthiasmullie / Wikimedia Commons

Known for its Grand Prix, luxury casinos, and high society, Monaco is a playground for the wealthy. Monaco epitomizes luxury, with high-end hotel stays starting around $500 per night and potentially reaching several thousand dollars at the most exclusive establishments. Dining at upscale restaurants and enjoying the principality’s lavish nightlife can add substantially to expenses, with daily costs easily surpassing $1,000 per person. The lavish lifestyle, along with premium accommodations like the Hotel de Paris, make it one of the most expensive destinations.

Aspen, USA

Image Editorial Credit: Matthew Trump / Wikimedia Commons

A premier ski destination, Aspen offers luxury mountain resorts, gourmet dining, and exclusive après-ski experiences. The high cost of lodging and activities, such as private ski lessons and heli-skiing, make it a pricey winter getaway. A trip to Aspen could cost upwards of $700 to $1,000 per person per day, highlighting its status as a high-cost destination for those seeking a luxury mountain experience.

Paris, France

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The City of Light is renowned for its fashion, art, and gastronomy. Staying in hotels like The Ritz or Le Meurice, dining at Michelin-starred establishments, and exclusive shopping experiences at places like Galeries Lafayette contribute to its status as a pricey destination. Visiting iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower or Louvre can add to the costs, pushing daily expenses to well over $700 per person, showcasing Paris as a premier destination with a hefty price tag.

New York City, USA

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The Big Apple offers everything from high-end dining and shopping on Fifth Avenue to luxury accommodations like The Plaza. It is among the priciest destinations, with luxury hotels averaging $500 per night and fine dining around $150 per person. Attractions and entertainment, like Broadway shows, can drive daily costs above $700 per person, solidifying NYC’s status as a high-cost travel destination.

London, UK

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The British capital is known for its royal heritage, world-class theaters, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Luxury accommodations like The Savoy, exclusive shopping in Harrods, and private tours of historic sites contribute to its premium travel costs. High-end hotel prices can average $300 to $600 per night and meals at upscale restaurants start at around $100 per person. Visiting major attractions, shopping in exclusive districts, and attending theatre shows can push daily expenses to over $500 per person.

Hong Kong

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This vibrant city is known for its skyline, luxury shopping, and fine dining. Staying in hotels like The Peninsula or Mandarin Oriental, and dining at exclusive restaurants with panoramic city views, make it an expensive but unforgettable destination. A vacation in Hong Kong can easily cost over $500 per person per day, emphasizing its position as a costly destination with a rich urban experience.

Geneva, Switzerland

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Known for its high cost of living, Geneva caters to luxury travelers with its Michelin-starred restaurants, high-end shopping, and luxury accommodations like the Hotel de la Paix. Staying in the city’s upscale hotels can easily set you back $500 to $1,000 per night, while dining in its high-end restaurants might cost over $200 for a meal for two without wine. Even casual meals are pricey, starting at around $20-$30 per person. The city’s picturesque setting on the shores of Lake Geneva adds to its allure, making it a pricey but desirable destination.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Image Editorial Credit: Jorge Franganillo / Flickr
Known for its culinary scene, including Noma, and stylish design, Copenhagen offers a blend of modern luxury and Nordic tradition. Boutique hotels and design-focused experiences add to the city’s appeal and cost. Accommodation in upscale hotels can range from $200 to $400 per night, with dining at fine restaurants around $50 to $100 per person, per meal. Including bike rentals, museum entries, and other activities, daily expenses can quickly reach $300 to $500 per person.

Santorini, Greece

Image Editorial Credit: Pedro Szekely / Wikimedia Commons

Famous for its sunsets, whitewashed buildings, and volcanic beaches, Santorini offers luxury cave hotels and private villas with infinity pools. Fine dining with caldera views and private yacht tours contribute to its status as a high-end destination. Including activities, meals, and transportation, a vacation in Santorini can easily cost $500 to $800 per person per day, making it a beautiful yet costly choice for travelers.

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